Data warehouse as-a-service

Unify your data and unleash the power of advanced analytics with a marketing data warehouse built using Google BigQuery and the Google Cloud Platform. 

Warehouses to go

We architect, build and manage lightning-fast, highly-scalable, cloud-based data warehouses to order.

Get enriched, accurate data in a secure, fully-documented environment that you own and control. Take it away.

Finally, a single view of the customer at your fingertips. Would you like advanced analytics with that?

Your data, your way

Design dashboards and automate reports that equip marketing teams and business stakeholders with up-to-the-minute insight.

Give internal analysts access to high-quality reporting tables, structured to fit the needs of the business.

Write queries using languages like SQL and Python. Or build machine learning models with complete confidence in your data.

A return on analytics

Your data is no longer a liability, it’s a business asset. Let’s put your data to work.

Map user journeys, apply multi-channel attribution models, optimise marketing performance, or calculate customer lifetime value and churn.

Then create new segments and audiences that can be activated through advertising and marketing platforms.

The modern data stack

BigQuery marketing data warehouse architecture

Connect your GA data today

Getting your Google Analytics data into BigQuery is surprisingly easy and costs very little. The benefits are immediate and compelling:

  • Analyse across unlimited custom dimensions and metrics
  • Get around data sampling thresholds
  • Retrospectively apply new goals
  • An opportunity to correct errors and inconsistencies
  • Join user data across multiple sites and apps
  • Build super-fast reports using SQL

More reasons to get GA and BigQuery connected 

Let’s get started

Tell us about your current challenges, future aspirations and internal capabilities – and we’ll propose a solution that fits.