Find advantage through analytics

Measurelab provides strategic direction, practical instruction and hands-on technical support so you can go from being a company that has data, to a company that uses data.

Data Collection and Engineering

We use tag management, data layers and custom code to ensure accurate web data. Integrating data from multiple sources to form a complete picture.

Reporting & Modelling

We design, build and automate reports and use advanced analytics to understand historic behaviour and predict future performance.

Analysis & Optimisation

We analyse and interpret the data, then advise how to optimise media spend, improve conversion rates and identify and activate high-value segments.

Training & Enabling

We accelerate your journey to self-sufficiency through our public and custom training services, combined with ongoing help desk support.

Consultative Support

Our consultants work against pre-purchased credits to roll-out complex implementations and provide you with ongoing support as you find advantage through analytics.

Here’s just some of the things we can help with…

Tag Management migrations

Considering a move to Google Tag Manager? We can help with that – and offer support and training beyond the initial implementation to keep you running smoothly.

Upgrading to Universal Analytics

Get a better understanding of how users interact with your digital content – upgrade to Universal Analytics for features such as cross device measurement and Enhanced Ecommerce.

Automated Reporting and Data Visualisation

We give data meaning with well-crafted reports, visualisations and dashboards for your team. Then we automate them to save you precious time.

Enhanced Ecommerce implementations

Gain deep insights and optimise your site based on your customers’ browsing and purchasing behaviour with Enhanced Ecommerce reporting.

Google Analytics Health Checks

Our Google Analytics Health Check involves one of our expert consultants performing a top-line review of your account configuration. The output is a written report that outlines areas for improvement.

Google Tag Manager Audits

GTM makes advertising and analytics tags accessible to marketers, reducing reliance on IT. However it pays to keep your container neat and tidy and periodic tag audits are best practice. You don’t need the burden, we can do it for you!

Expert Support

Help and “roadside assistance” when you need it from our Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager experts – certified by Google.

Attribution Modelling

We can help you move beyond last click attribution and give credit where it’s due. Multi-channel analysis with performance optimisation in mind.

Customer Segmentation

All sessions are not equal and the same applies to users and customers. As always context is important and we like to get dive deeper than top-line averages like session conversion rate, getting straight to the more useful business metrics like Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) and Repeat Purchases.

Performance Optimisation

Why have all this data if it can’t be used to improve performance? Our involvement from tagging through to reporting and analysis makes us experts at interrogating and interpreting your data, leaving you with clear and actionable recommendations.

Measurement Planning

Every good analytics implementation should follow a Measurement Plan, so that reporting and analysis objectives are gathered and everyone is clear on the requirements. We can assist in this process, with workshops or remote guidance, as appropriate.

Advanced Analytics

Looking to take your data collection and analysis to the next level? As impartial advisors, we can assist on the selection and implementation of advanced analytics tools – that complement and augment your existing analytics endeavours.

Measurelab Pipelines

Do you need to link your Google Analytics data to your other data sources?

Looking to get your unsampled Google Analytics data into Big Query without paying hefty fees associated with Google Analytics 360?

Our Measurelab Pipelines product can pull your historical data from Google Analytics straight into BigQuery without sampling issues. It can even pull hit-level data and can schedule daily updates through a user friendly interface, which allows for the easy identification and rectification of missing data.

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From £100 +VAT a month

Measurelab Pipelines enable you to extract bulk data from Google Analytics and feed it into a data warehouse to overcome sampling limitations and integrate with other data sources. 

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Google Big Query

Do you want to do more with your Google Analytics and other data?

Are you basing your decisions on unreliable data? We can help you to be sure that the data you are reporting on is accurate.


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