When you only do one thing, the bar is set higher. We only do analytics, so we’re unfeasibly good at it.

We’re the partner our clients turn to when they have a problem and nobody else can help. Kind of like the A-team, only Dara’s campervan doesn’t have sliding doors.

Pure, unadulterated analytics

Measurelab’s like a support group for analytics addicts. A place to come and finally be yourself. Free to obsess over scopes, sampling and snippets. No judgement here. You’re finally among friends.

Sure, you could stay where you are and remain the smartest person in the room (or on the Zoom). But wouldn’t it be great to surround yourself with people you can actually learn from?

Permanent beta

Everything’s an experiment. Our starting hypothesis? Specialists > generalists. In an industry that’s constantly evolving, we are too. So it helps if you can get comfortable with a bit of ambiguity.

Everyone is hands-on, even the founders. We’re all experts, but nobody thinks they know best. We believe good ideas can come from anyone. And getting to the best solution is more important than being right.

Every growing company is a training company

Whatever your background or specialism, one thing you will do at Measurelab is learn. Whether that’s by doing, by pairing, or by sharing your expertise with others.

With a skills matrix and development paths for each role, you’ll have every opportunity to flex, stretch and extend yourself every day. You help us grow, we’ll help you grow. Deal?

Home, but not alone

We’re sold on the benefits of distributed working, but aware of the challenges. So while you might choose to work remotely, we do our best to ensure you never feel isolated.

For starters, you’ll get everything you need to operate at home like the total pro you are. You even get to choose your weapon – Mac, PC or Chromebook.

You’re free to plan your day and get things done your way. Meditate mid-morning. Take a lunchtime hike. Squeeze in the school run. You’ll be judged on output, not hours.

Of course we’d love for you to visit our Lewes HQ. Base yourself here three or four days a week if you like, or drop by once a month to check-in and bag a free lunch.

Beyond the Measureverse, there are plenty of opportunities to collaborate and socialise IRL. Meet the team at a co-working space in London or Manchester, or join one of our regular social outings for some unforgettable experiences: ocean kayaking, chocolate-making, or Dan’s infamous caterpillar impression. 

Pay and perks

We recruit across the UK, but benchmark against pay rates for the Brighton area.

Get all the benefits you’d expect: pension, private healthcare (post-probation), flu jabs, eye tests and glasses, cycle to work scheme, shiny new technology scheme, holiday buyback scheme (we like a scheme).

And a few nice surprises: three days to work for a charity of your choice, mental health support through Spill, your birthday off, and eligibility for share options when you’ve been with us 18 months. You’re welcome.

Got more questions? To get a flavour of what to expect at Measurelab, check out our instruction manual.

The interview process

We want to make sure you’re the right fit for us – and we’re the right fit for you. Let’s take the time to get to know each other before jumping into a spreadsheet together.

1. First interview

We’ll go over your background and relevant experience. We may decide you’re better suited to a role different to the one you have applied for.

2. Technical test

You’ll be given some homework to prepare and present. For some roles we also like to see how you solve problems on the spot.

3. Second interview

Two of us will join this time to pose some more exacting technical questions and get a feel for your aspirations and motivations.

4. Formal offer

We promise to make a decision within a week. If it’s a no, or ‘not this time’, we’ll always give feedback over the phone.

5. Meet the team

You’re very welcome to chat informally with a couple of people who work here in a similar role, to help you make your decision.

6. Reference checks

We take up references and check your right to work in the UK, before sending out a contract for signing.

Roles at Measurelab

Talent Lead

We are looking for a Talent Lead, with proven experience in talent acquisition, to help us grow our team and help us become THE place people want to work. 

Digital Analyst (Google)

This role would suit an analyst who spends their life immersed in Google Analytics (and Data Studio, Sheets and BigQuery) and wants to do even more of that.

Senior Digital Analyst

This role would suit an analyst with top notch SQL skills looking to develop their career further in the realm of data analysis, data visualisation, data science and engineering using the Google stack.

Analytics Manager

This role is a blend on hands-on tech and client facing – to implement data collection and produce meaningful interpretations of data for client stakeholders from digital analytics and other sources.

Analytics Consultant

Analytics Consultants at Measurelab take a leading role in our most complex projects and valuable client engagements.