Post-training analytics support

Advice and support from certifed analytics experts.

The easiest way to get unstuck.

Why do we offer post-training support?

As good as our training courses are, we can’t cover everything. As you apply your skills in the real world, you’re sure to have more questions, or may just want a second opinion.

Our analytics experts are there to help put what you learn into practice.

How it works

Here are some example situations where our post-training support can come to the rescue.

How do I do this?

Does this look right?

What do I do now?

How does it work?

Step 1

Speak to your trainer to book a 15-minute video call, providing all the background info you can.

Step 2

On the call, pose your question and share your screen when needed. We’ll do our best to get you unstuck.

Step 3

If it’s too big or complex to solve there and then, we’ll seek an answer internally, or help scope a solution.

How to get post-training support

All of our training courses come with 4 weeks of post-training support.

Ongoing help and support with your analytics is available via our Analytics Support service.

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