Expert analytics support

Don’t let a lack of resource or expertise hold you back. Our analytics support services give you immediate access to all the specialist skills you need, for less than the cost of a full-time hire.

Starting from £1,500 per month.

Top-tier talent on tap

Qualified to consult

Our analytics consultants have hands-on experience using the tools they’re advising on. They’ll happily roll up their sleeves and get the work done.

Specialist support

Implementation expert, analytics engineer or advanced analyst – you get the best person for the job and the blend of skills can change each month as your needs evolve.

Talk to the experts

You’re free to speak to anyone on the team. We don’t put layers of account management between you and the people doing the work, slowing things down and adding cost.

Quality assurance

All our people are fully-certified, UK-based and have a passion for data and analytics. We don’t risk our reputation for excellence by offshoring or outsourcing.

Just the right amount of help

Measurelab can enable, enhance or extend your team. Whatever the analytics challenge you’re facing, we can create a support solution that’s right for you.

Helpdesk support

For clients wanting an occasional sense-check, second opinion or extra pair of hands to enable their team.

  • Best practice guidance

  • Bench of skilled specialists

  • Rapid response times

  • Expert execution or QA layer

  • Access to training courses

From £1,500 / month

Consultative support

For clients wanting proactive advice and deep GMP and GCP expertise to enhance their analytics capability.

  • Everything in our helpdesk, plus…

  • A dedicated senior consultant

  • Proactive recommendations

  • Planned analytics initiatives

  • Early alpha and beta access

From £4,550 / month

Specialist support

For clients wanting experienced analysts on a fractional or full-time basis to increase internal capacity.

  • Named individuals with full access

  • An integral part of your team

  • BAU reporting or deep dives

  • Independent, objective analysis

  • Cover throughout the year

From £6,250 / month

How the work gets done

Agile analytics

Over-planned analytics initiatives are doomed to failure. Data is inherently complex and unpredictable. We jump in and start discovering and delivering as fast as we can, fully-prepared to pivot if the situation changes.

Full transparency

You get a view into systems designed specifically to support analytics delivery. So you know at all times what’s being done, who’s doing the work, how long it’s likely to take and what a successful outcome looks like.

The commercial model

Flexible credits

Service credits can be spent on consulting, implementation, engineering or analysis (one credit is equivalent to an hour). Or use them to buy training or scripts, queries and automations from our library.

Predictable fees

We can recommend an appropriate pace of delivery based on the volume and urgency of the work. Then you can pre-purchase credits or pay as you go – whatever works for the way you budget.

Preferential rates

It’s simple and transparent. The more credits you buy and the longer you commit, the lower the rate you pay. Most clients start with a quarterly contract, before upgrading to an annual agreement.

When can we start?

Thought you might ask that. If you want helpdesk support we can start before the ink is dry on the paperwork.

A consultative support engagement can usually begin within a month of having terms and a statement of work agreed. Enter your details here and we’ll be in touch to explore options.

Alternatively, call us now on +44 (0)20 3920 0387 to speak to a human being (yes, really).

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do you prefer to work with clients?
    All of the companies we partner with – from the biggest ones to the smallest – commit to either quarterly or annual engagements. The higher the volume of work and period they commit to, the lower the rate they pay for our services. We’ve found it works best for both parties if we establish a steady pace of delivery, working on a mix of planned initiatives and ad-hoc requests.
    Do you take on project work?
    We prefer to work on ongoing engagements as it enables us to resource sufficiently, with the right mix of skills, so that we remain responsive and provide a high quality of service to our existing clients. As a result, we typically don’t have capacity for project work however you are always welcome to enquire.
    Who will be our primary point of contact?
    A consultant will be assigned to your account and act as your primary day-to-day point of contact. They will be an experienced, hands-on analytics expert and will personally deliver some of the work. They’ll be supported by analytics associates and engineering and analysis specialists, all of whom you will be able to speak to directly.
    How do I know what’s happening and when?
    Depending on the volume and urgency of work, we’ll agree a regular meeting cadence to provide updates on progress, address blockers and plan a work schedule. This might be weekly, fortnightly or monthly. We also give you direct access to our systems via my.Measurelab, a simple portal that ensures you always have visibility of budget burn, the status of work-in-progress and the priority order of our backlog.
    How do I know what’s happening and when?
    Although we have our own internal systems we use to manage the workflow and ensure everything is done to the highest quality, we know that having visibilty on what’s happening and when is important. We don’t expect you to learn all of our systems, so that’s why we have built our own proprietary tool myMeasurelab to give you access to what you need from all the tools we use. We also use Slack (like a lot), so we’re happy to set up shared channels, or keep it all to email if you’d prefer.
    Will you help us become self-sufficient?
    It may sound odd that we try to make ourselves redundant, but that’s our goal. To that end, we don’t lock you into our systems, or proprietary technologies. All the data remains yours and we document everything we do. You can choose to spend your credits on our highly-rated training courses, as well as our expert support. As a result, the most common reason our engagements come to an end is our clients feel they’re fully-equipped to go it alone. All good things come to an end eventually, we get it. No hard feelings!