The Measure Pod

The Measure Pod is a weekly podcast hosted by veteran practitioners of the marketing and product analytics industry. Join Dan and Dara from Measurelab, Bhav from CRAP Talks and the occasional guest on their quest to make sense of the analytics industry, and have some fun along the way.

Gathering insights at MeasureCamp London 2023 (BONUS)

In this bonus episode of The Measure Pod, Dan asked attendees at MeasureCamp London two thought provoking questions. What is the biggest challenge today that will be gone in five years time? And what will be the biggest challenge in the next five years?

#90 Self-serve analytics: yay or nay

In this week's episode of The Measure Pod, Bhav reflects on his biggest career failure: self-serve analytics. They discuss the challenges and complexities of implementing self-serve analytics in organisations, highlighting the factors that contribute to its success or failure. Bhav emphasises the importance of trust, data literacy, and problem-solving skills in enabling individuals to effectively use self-serve analytics tools. They also share personal experiences and strategies for promoting data democratisation and creating a culture of self-serve analytics.

#89 Integrating analytics into product teams (with Barry Pace @ Penfold)

In this week's episode, Dara, Bhav, and Barry dive into the world of product management and analytics. They discuss the importance of integrating analytics into the product development process and how it can enhance decision-making. Barry shares his experiences working as a product manager and collaborating with analysts, emphasising the need for effective communication and a cross-functional approach. They also explore the challenges and opportunities of working in different industries, highlighting the core principles of good product thinking that can be applied across any context. Whether you're a product manager, analyst, or simply interested in the intersection of data and product development, this episode offers valuable insights and perspectives. Tune in to gain a deeper understanding of the role of analytics in the product space.

#88 Analytics as a data product (with Weiting Xu @ Cazoo)

In this week's episode, we dive into the fascinating world of analytics as a data product. Our guest, Weiting Xu, shares their insights and experiences as the head of data at Cazoo, a company that sells used cars online. We explore the challenges of treating analytics as a product, especially when it comes to managing internal users and their ever-changing needs. We discuss the importance of observability, the role of a product manager in the analytics space, and the need for agile ways of working.

#87 A/B testing controversies and generative AI (with Shaun McGirr @ Dataiku)

In this week's episode of The Measure Pod, we dive into a fascinating conversation with Shaun McGirr, a data expert at Dataiku and former Crap Talks presenter. We explore the world of A/B testing, experimentation, and the future of analysts' roles as generative AI becomes more prevalent. Shaun shares his thoughts on the controversy surrounding A/B testing and the importance of considering other methods of learning about the world. We discuss the challenges and potential of using generative AI in the data analytics space, and how it can revolutionize the way we work with data. Grab your headphones and stap in for an insightful and thought-provoking discussion on the evolving landscape of data science and experimentation!

#86 The evolving challenge of SEO measurement (with Alex Harvey @ ASOS)

In this episode Dan, Dara and Bhav had the pleasure of chatting with Alex, Head of SEO & Marketing Technology at ASOS. They delved into the world of SEO, measurement and analytics and discussed some fascinating topics. One thing that stood out was the evolution of SEO over the past decade, from the 'wild west' days of link spamming to the more strategic and data-driven approach of today. They also explored the importance of data literacy in SEO, the role of keyword-level data, and the challenges of forecasting in the ever-changing landscape of search.

#85 Who cares about data literacy?

Join Dan, Dara and Bhav dive into the topic of data literacy. They share their personal definitions and perspectives on the subject, discussing the importance of data curiosity, data storytelling, and effective data communication. Bhav also explores the idea of data literacy as a dragon to be slayed, delving into the philosophical aspects of the topic. They all hope to reassure anyone listening that data literacy is something that can be developed and built upon, emphasising that everyone has some degree of data literacy, whether they know it or not!

#84 The future of product analytics tools

Join Dan, Dara and Bhav discuss the future of product analytics tools and the intersection between product analytics and marketing analytics. Gain insights into the changing landscape of analytics tools, the challenges and complexities of product analytics, and the potential impact of Google Analytics 4 (GA4) on the market. This episode they also discuss the importance of data collection, the benefits of using one platform for all needs, and the potential future of analytics tools with advancements in machine learning and cloud integrations.

#83 GA is dead, long live GA!

In this week's episode of The Measure Pod, Dan, Dara and Bhav delve deep into the transition from Universal Analytics (UA) to Google Analytics 4 (GA4). They reflect on their personal experiences with UA and express their mixed feelings about its departure. They also discuss how GA4 is perceived as an upgrade, but in reality, it's a completely different product! The conversation touches on the fear of change and the initial challenges associated with learning GA4. As the sun sets on UA, hear our hosts discuss the implications, opportunities, and challenges presented by GA4, and shed light on its nuances and what it means for the analytics industry.

#82 The person in personalisation (with David Mannheim @ Made With Intent)

Dan, Dara and Bhav are joined by David Mannheim (founder of Made With Intent and author of The Person In Personalisation) to talk about the world of personalisation and his new book 'The Person in Personalisation'. They talk about Disney's failed personalisation app and lack of personability, how personalisation is not CRO and the flaws in thinking as such. They also discuss if brands can truly form personal bonds in an era dominated by AI and automation.