The Measure Pod

The Measure Pod is a podcast hosted by Dan, Dara and Bhav - veteran practitioners of the marketing and product analytics industry. Join us, and the occasional guest, on our quest to make sense of things, having some fun along the way.

#97 The future of event data (with Timo Dechau @ deepskydata)

In this week's episode of The Measure Pod we spoke with Timo Dechau, a product manager and analyst with a unique perspective on event tracking. He discusses the challenges faced by product managers, his journey into product management, and the technical skills he deploys. We spoke about event data and marketing data, as well as the people, processes, and design involved in event tracking.

#96 The Psychology of Data (with Tim Ceuppens @ Pit&Pit)

In this week's episode of The Measure Pod we spoke with Tim Ceuppens, a creative thinker in the field of data and marketing. Tim shared his journey from film school to becoming the Chief Marketing Officer for Belgium and Netherlands' largest health foods company, highlighting the importance of curiosity and storytelling in data analytics.

#95 Analytics on form (with Alun Lucas @ Zuko Analytics)

In this week's episode of The Measure Pod we spoke with Alun Lucas, the Managing Director at Zuko Analytics. We spoke specifically about webforms, and the optimisation tool Zuko has built to help businesses get a better understanding of when, where and why visitors abandon forms. We also discuss the potential impact of AI on forms, and the benefits of using a dedicated tool as opposed to GA4.

#94 Why don't people understand tech SEO and analytics? (with Matt Jones @ Freelancing Friends)

In this week's episode of The Measure Pod we spoke with Matt Jones, a Technical SEO freelancer, and creator of the Freelancing Friends community and podcast. We spoke about his personal journey to getting where he is today, the crossovers between Tech SEO and analytics, and the potential impact of generative AI on the industry.

#93 GA4, the CDP of the future you didn’t know you had (With Rick Dronkers @ Data to Value)

In this week's episode of The Measure Pod we welcomed Rick Dronkers back from Data to Value. We talked about all things CDP and GA4. We specifically digged into the evolution of GA4, what it means for marketing, and the current trend around the composable CDP.

#92 Christmas Special: Year in review and predictions for 2024

In this week's episode of The Measure Pod, it's our Christmas special! Dan and Bhav discuss the highs and lows of the past year, they make predictions for 2024, and shared what they'll be up to over the Christmas period.

#91 Warehouse native analytics (with Adam Greco @ Amplitude)

In this week's episode of The Measure Pod we spoke to Adam Greco from Amplitude. We talked specifically around warehouse native analytics, and whether it's a passing trend or an integral part of the future. We also go his thoughts around marketing and product analytics, as well as analytics vendor consolidation.

Gathering insights at MeasureCamp London 2023 (BONUS)

In this bonus episode of The Measure Pod, Dan asked attendees at MeasureCamp London two thought provoking questions. What is the biggest challenge today that will be gone in five years time? And what will be the biggest challenge in the next five years?

#90 Self-serve analytics: yay or nay

In this week's episode of The Measure Pod, Bhav reflects on his biggest career failure: self-serve analytics. They discuss the challenges and complexities of implementing self-serve analytics in organisations, highlighting the factors that contribute to its success or failure. Bhav emphasises the importance of trust, data literacy, and problem-solving skills in enabling individuals to effectively use self-serve analytics tools. They also share personal experiences and strategies for promoting data democratisation and creating a culture of self-serve analytics.

#89 Integrating analytics into product teams (with Barry Pace @ Penfold)

In this week's episode, Dara, Bhav, and Barry dive into the world of product management and analytics. They discuss the importance of integrating analytics into the product development process and how it can enhance decision-making. Barry shares his experiences working as a product manager and collaborating with analysts, emphasising the need for effective communication and a cross-functional approach. They also explore the challenges and opportunities of working in different industries, highlighting the core principles of good product thinking that can be applied across any context. Whether you're a product manager, analyst, or simply interested in the intersection of data and product development, this episode offers valuable insights and perspectives. Tune in to gain a deeper understanding of the role of analytics in the product space.