The Measure Pod

The digital analytics industry is full of acronyms and jargon that make it hard to get into, let alone know what's going on. Join Dan, Dara and the occasional guest on their quest to make sense of it all, and have some fun along the way.

#39 Product analytics and CRAP Talks (with Bhavik Patel)

This week Dan and Dara are joined by Bhavik Patel to talk about the differences and similarities between product and marketing analytics, CRAP Talks, and the concept of 'analytical debt'.

#38 How do you measure the return on analytics?

This week Dan and Dara discuss a listener submitted topic on how to measure the return on analytics. After arguing about the flawed premise of the quest, they explore different ways that analytics specialists and analysts can measure a tangible return for their hard work.

#37 How attribution works in Google Analytics 3 and 4

This week Dan and Dara chat through how attribution works in Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 4, and the differences between them. They discuss the nuances and pain-points they have come up against, and what to look out for whenever using any of the built-in models.

#36 Events, events, events - explaining the various GA4 event types

This week Dan and Dara chat through all of the event types Google Analytics 4 has to offer - from automatically collected, to enhanced measurement, to customised.

#35 Is tracking too much a bad thing?

This week Dan and Dara chat about the troubles of tracking too much in Google Analytics, especially when you come to migrate everything from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4.

#34 MeasureFest and brightonSEO - April 2022 debrief (with Liam Grant and Matthew Hooson)

This week Dan and Dara are joined by Liam Grant and Matthew Hooson to chat about their experiences at MeasureFest and brightonSEO. The pick out their favourite talk and the relevance and application in the analytics world wherever possible.

#33 What to do as the sun is setting on Universal Analytics

This week Dan and Dara talk more about the announcement from Google on sunsetting Universal Analytics in 2023. They discuss what the timeframes really mean, and what you'd need to be doing at each stage.

#32 Measuring SEO (with Jenni Stacey)

This week Dan and Dara are joined by Jenni Stacey to chat SEO measurement and how Google Analytics is (if at all) useful. Jenni shares how they work across different search engines, and how things like Core Web Vitals changes things in SEO.

#31 The brightonSEO and MeasureFest story (with Kelvin Newman)

This week Dan and Dara are joined by Kelvin Newman to chat all things brightonSEO and MeasureFest. Kelvin shares how they come about, what the future holds and the ideas behind the fringe events in general.

(BONUS pod) Google is sunsetting Universal Analytics!

Dan and Dara react to the big news (bombshell) from Google about them sunsetting Universal Analytics in 2023.