The Measure Pod

The Measure Pod is a weekly podcast hosted by veteran practitioners of the marketing and product analytics industry. Join Dan and Dara from Measurelab, Bhav from CRAP Talks and the occasional guest on their quest to make sense of the analytics industry, and have some fun along the way.

#71 The Universal Analytics demise timeline and GA4’s latest updates

This week Dan and Dara are once again running solo, and this time bringing back up the Universal Analytics (UA) sunset timeline and when you should have Google Analytics 4 (GA4) in place by. Spoiler alert, it's asap! They chat about how it can take two to three months to migrate to GA4, and what to consider in the process. They also run through the 2023 GA4 updates, no matter how underwhelming…

#70 Building dashboards like a pro

This week Dan and Dara talk about their experiences in building automated dashboards. There's 1,001 ways to approach building them, so Dan and Dara go through the common missteps, how to scope and plan it out effectively, and even ways to measure the usefulness and consumption of them! Listen to the end to hear their great new business idea...

#69 Dry your eyes, say your goodbyes, another one dies, it’s Google Optimize!

This week Dan and Dara talk about the very recent announcement that Google Optimize will be sunset on 30th September 2023. No exceptions, no extensions, it'll be gone for good for everyone - the free and paid versions! They discuss how this will affect the analytics and CRO industries, and whether Optimizely or VWO will be suitable replacements for the current Opimize users. They also think about the future of Google's proposition and whether the GMP will be rolled into the GCP.

#68 The untapped potential of neurodiverse talent in data and tech (with Marc Crawley @ Diversita)

This week Dan and Dara are joined by Marc Crawley @ Diversita, a recruitment organisation that specialises in advising and empowering neurodivergent data, technology and IT professionals. Neurodiversity is everywhere, with around 20% of the UK considered neurodivergent. Dan, Dara and Marc discuss what accommodations can be put in place for neurodiverse candidates in the recruitment process, as well as the concept of masking and disclosure.

#67 GA4 features we need to see in 2023 (with Usman Qureshi @ Spiralyze)

This week Dan is joined by Usman Qureshi from the CRO agency Spiralyze to discuss all the GA4 features that they need to see in 2023. They reviewed episode #21 of The Measure Pod on what we needed to see from GA4 in 2022, see what actually happened and then what GA4 needs to release (or fix!) this year. 2023 is the year that Universal Analytics (UA) is sunset for the majority of people, so this is the year to polish GA4 up to the max!

#66 Our 2023 predictions for the analytics industry

This week Dan and Dara are chatting about what they think will change in the analytics industry in 2023. Things like consent management, financial recession, multi-cloud warehousing, Universal Analytics (UA) getting shut down and lots, lots more. Listen to the full episode to hear what they have to say, and let's see how close they get by this time next year...

#65 Apple rolls out SKAdNetwork 4.0 (with Luisa Del Maschio @ Jellyfish)

This week Dan and Dara are joined by Luisa from Jellyfish to help make sense of the recent SKAdNetwork 4.0 release from Apple. It's a world apart from the web side of things - something that Dan and Dara find out very quickly! Luisa takes them both through what SKAN is, what new features 4.0 brings and the most important differences from web ad measurement to bear in mind.

#64 The Measure Pod 2022 in review

This week Dan and Dara take a look back across The Measure Pod in 2022 and share some numbers and statistics of how it's been going. They also each share their top 5 episodes of the year, and compare notes. Happy holidays, christmas, new year and the rest - here's to 2023!

#63 Safari is at it again - capping 1P cookie lifetimes and redefining 3rd party!

This week Dan and Dara discuss the recent changes announces from Apple on the way they will be copping 1st party cookie lifetimes - even if being being set via server-side GTM. What imapct will this have, and what difference will it make to most people? That and if Sessions is a better metric than Users (again)...

#62 Debunking common cookie consent, GDPR and ePrivacy myths (with Rowenna Fielding @ Miss IG Geek)

This week Dan and Dara are joined by Rowenna Fielding "a warrior on the front line of the fight to defend humanity's rights and freedoms in an increasingly tech dystopia", and helps organisations stitch together technology, law and humanity to make stuff work the way they want it to. Rowenna helps Dan and Dara understand the legal differences between 1st vs. 3rd party, ePrivacy and GDPR, PII and PD, and what 'legitamite interest' is (or rather, is not). Listen to the end to hear Rowenna do a live audit of the Measurelab website...