A bit about us

You want to unlock the value in your data, automate decisioning, apply artificial intelligence and personalise experiences.

But you’re hampered by dodgy data, murky media practices, and inaccurate attribution. Skills are scarce and headcount can be hard to justify.

That’s where Measurelab comes in. We use Google technologies to measure and improve marketing performance, enhancing your internal analytics capabilities so nobody gets to mark their own homework.

The way we work is agile and transparent. We focus on using the data and tools available to deliver wins quickly and regularly.

Who we are

Dara Fitzgerald


Industry speaker and commentator in the field of Digital Analytics – with Google Analytics in particular. He makes sure Measurelab is always keeping our clients at the cutting-edge of digital measurement.

Mark Rochefort


Mark is the Managing Director of Measurelab overseeing a team of keen, lean analytics experts. Mark has been working in digital since the 90s; having worked in senior tech roles in digital media and marketing until founding Measurelab.

Our story


Dara and Mark first met in 2010 at the Google campus in Mountain View, California while attending the annual Google Analytics Summit. 


September 2013 and Measurelab is born. From our first office, in a beautiful old Georgian town house, Dara and Mark set about creating the company they’ve always wanted to work for – inspired by an excellence in Digital Analytics and good coffee.


New joiners and new premises… 2014 saw a move to bigger brighter offices in the attic of a former candle factory. 

And beyond…

A crack team of Analytics Consultants and Specialists, we have established excellent relationships with some lovely clients and have a proven track record in designing and implementing analytics solutions for world class organisations across a range of industries. From analytics to insights to data science and machine learning, our expertise remains cutting-edge and laser focussed; underpinned by a lean and agile approach to delivering ongoing and tangible value.

Be a part of the Measurelab story

We are always on the look out for new talent. If you fancy something a little different and you have what it takes to be great analytics consultant, then get in touch!