How we work

We believe analytics is an ongoing effort, so we prefer to work on a retained basis. Your monthly budget is based on the anticipated pace of delivery.

For less than the cost of a full-time internal resource, you can get all the specialist skills you need, as you need them.

You’ll have direct access to the people doing the work. There’s no project management layer adding unnecessary time and fees.

Starting at £3,200 +VAT

Per month, minimum 3 month contract
  • Single point of contact
  • Direct access to certified specialists
  • Management console including ticketing and status
  • Guaranteed response times
  • Carry unused hours over to the next quarter

Agile analytics

Over-planned, over-ambitious analytics initiatives are doomed to failure. Things that are too rigid tend to snap under stress. We find an agile approach is way more effective. Breaking big goals down into manageable tasks enables us to continually deliver measurable value. An 80:20 rule typically applies with the majority of our time invested in planned initiatives with the balance spent on ad-hoc support requests.


Our online management console gives you full visibility into who’s doing what, real-time progress and budget reports, and ready-access to all documentation.

Budget transparency

Hours are updated daily so you can see the pace of delivery and time remaining.


Projects are planned and prioritised to accelerate the delivery of business value.

Full accountability

See the current status on any task with access to all commentary and history.

Document repository

All documentation, including reporting and analysis, stored centrally for easy access.

What could Measurelab do for you?

If you want to trust your data. If you’d like for to people respect your reports. If you want to make bigger, bolder, better decisions – with confidence. Give us a call.