Our certified analytics specialists and consultants regularly run hands-on team training courses designed for marketing and data teams seeking to use data to understand and improve their website experience and campaign performance through data.

Want to mix-and-match?

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Our team training courses are relaxed and informal, covering a lot of ground in a fun and stimulating way. The content is delivered remotely over a few 3-hour sessions to help you maintain focus and avoid information overload.

We set aside plenty of time for your team to ask questions about your instance and use cases.

Google Analytics training

Starting with the basic principles, we guide you through all the essential features of Google Analytics, including a hands-on demonstration to creating reports to better understand your audience, acquisition, behaviour and conversion.

Google Tag Manager training

You’ll learn how to set up a container for implementing Google Analytics and other marketing tags, then take all the steps required to debug, publish and review your Google Tag Manager deployment.

Google Data Studio training

You’ll learn when and how to use Google Data Studio to design and build beautiful interactive reporting dashboards that bring your data to life for more effective insight and meaningful action.

Google BigQuery training

Learn about Google Cloud Platform and using Google BigQuery for your Data Warehouse. Gain a solid understanding of the capabilities and limitations of using Google BigQuery as well as knowing how to efficiently use SQL to query data.

Custom training courses

We can provide a tailored training course on any combination of Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Data Studio.

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Team Enablement Courses

We provide a path to self-sufficiency through a combination of training and our Consultative Support. Pick any training course (or courses), and get additional time from any of our specialists and consultants to put it all into practice.

Call +44(0)20 3920 0387 or email us to discuss your options and start putting together your team’s analytics enablement course.


Training courses cost £1,600 +VAT for two 3-hour sessions run over the course of a week.

There’s no official limit on the number of attendees but we’ve found any more than 10 people in a session becomes impractical.

Once dates are confirmed, we invoice for the total cost with payment due on receipt.

Call us now on +44(0)20 3920 0387 or email us to book your sessions.

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