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Get your team fluent in Google Analytics 4 (GA4) and learn how to make it work for your specific business needs.

From £2,250 +VAT per team

  • Live, expert-led tailored training
  • 6-hour in-person or virtual course
  • FREE month of post-training support
  • CPD Certified
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At a glance

What you’ll learn

Get your team up to speed with GA4 by being able to understand where it’s different from Universal Analytics, how to get the data you need form the reports and understanding what it’s capable of.

Suitable for

Marketing, tech and data specialists looking to transition to GA4. No prior experience (in Universal Analytics or GA4) needed!

Course structure

6 hours in total, spread across two 3-hour sessions on different days. Delivered to you and your team live online, which are recorded for future reference.

From £2,250 for any team size.

Included with every course

Real experts

Ask us anything about your specific challenges, we can handle it. We do this for a living!

Lifetime access

Learning takes time. That’s why we give lifetime access the training content and resources.

1 month of support

Access support from our analytics experts to answer questions, bounce ideas around or look for direction.


Who doen’t like a certificate! Looks good on your LinkedIn profile too.

The detail

3 hours
Module 1

Google Analytics 4 Fundamentals

In this opening module we’ll take you through all the key elements and principles of GA4, so everyone is clear on how it works and differs from Universal Analytics.

Topics covered

  • How GA4 works – the nuts and bolt of how it collects data from your website.
  • Account structure and setup – how it’s all set up in the new interface.
  • Using the interface – getting familiar and comfortable knowing what is and is not there.
  • Key metric definitions – defining the most common metrics used in GA4, they’re not always as you’d expect.

Stay up to date

The Google Analytics interface changes pretty regularly, so we make sure you are up to date with the most recent version of the UI and all the settings and new features it has available.
Module 2

Google Analytics 4 for Marketing Analytics

The essential session that’ll give you the techniques and insights to accurately measure marketing activity across your digital properties. Remove knowledge gaps and uncertainty, and reduce time reporting on your campaign activity.

Topics covered

  • Tracking your campaigns – figuring out how UTMs are used to measure each and every link.
  • Standard acquisition reports – digging into the go-to campaign performance reporting.
  • Attribution modelling – the most important concept to understand to best measure your campaign performance.
  • Advanced marketing reports – how to use the Advertising workspace to drill deeper into your campaign performance.

Stay up to date

How you use GA4 for reporting and measuring your marketing changes depending on what channels you advertise through. We’ll cover all the newest connectors to the GMP ad platforms, and the new attribution-focussed reporting in the Advertising workspace.
3 hours
(usually taken a few days later)
Module 3

Google Analytics 4 for Behavioural Analytics

Understand how to accurately measure how your users engage with your websites and apps. We demystify some of the more complicated GA4 tools and show you how you can use them to reveal insights into what content and features work (or not).

Topics covered

  • Reporting identities – understanding what a user is in GA4, and the various ways to define it in the reports.
  • Event and page reporting – how and where you can report on each page and event in GA4.
  • Event customisation – creating new events off of the back of existing events without needing a developer or GTM.
  • Funnels and user flows – visualising the navigational flows through your website and funnels.

Stay up to date

The GA4 Exploration workspace is growing and the features per exploration is getting better and more detailed. We make sure you have up to date examples and learn how to get the most out of your behavioural data.
Module 4

Analysis and Activation in Google Analytics 4

Get the reports and analysis you need, and be confident they are generated from the right data. Learn how to focus on specific segments, how to dig into data and set up reports so they can be accessed instantly.

Topics covered

  • Building and using Audiences – understanding how to create and use one of the most powerful features in GA4.
  • Exploration techniques – diving deeper into the Explorations workspace for ad-hoc reporting and analysis.
  • Segments – how to segment users while analysing data in the Explorations workspace.
  • Activativation – how to turn your GA4 data into action through Google Ads, BigQuery and Google Optimize.

Stay up to date

Analysing and activating the data through Google Ads and the GMP is something that gets better with each new connector and feature GA4 rolls out. We make sure that whatever is available, you will know how to use and adopt.

Optional add-ons

In-house, in-person training

Zoom fatigue? We’re happy to come to you if you prefer to all get everyone in the same room and be trained in person.
£450 plus expenses

Masterclass workshop

Choose from any of our tried and tested workshops, or arrange a bespoke one to fit your team’s needs. A chance to delve deeper, ask questions, show us examples, and check how you’ve applied your learning.
from £500 per workshop

Additional training modules

If there’s something extra you’d like to cover during training, you can add additional training modules to any course. Contact us to discuss the options.
£600 per module

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make the training relevant to our business?
We use your data wherever possible, and make sure all examples are specific to your website and data. Our trainers often go through the account and data beforehand to familiarise themselves with your specific setup to suggest improvements. If there are specific areas you want to cover we can change up the sessions to skim over some areas and go deep on others, or even mix and match modules from different courses.
Does it matter if my team is in different locations?
Not at all, all of our training is hosted on Zoom and is accessible with any stable internet connection. We also arrange the training session times with your team so that everyone can join regardless of time zone.
Can team members choose which sessions they join?
Yes of course. However, we strongly suggest attending the preceeding modules as there is content in there that we build apon throughout the rest of the course. If people want to drop off at certain points, they are welcome to, we just recommend not joining part of the way through.
Do I need a Google Analytics account?
You don’t need access to a GA account to attend the course as we will provide you with examples and take you through the features and reports using the demo account. However, if you do have access to your GA account, you’ll be able to follow along using that.
What do I do if I’m running late or cannot join a session?
If you are just running late or can’t join for some reason don’t worry! All training sessions are recorded and shared after the course has been completed.

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