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What Privacy really means

Measurelab and AI: welcome to the augmented era

There’s nowhere you can hide from AI at the moment. And the Measured Opinions blog is no exception. Here’s what’s changing at Measurelab. And what’s going to remain reassuringly familiar.

How to set up an SFTP Server on GCP (for Google Analytics data import)

How to set up an SFTP server on Google Cloud platform – with the necessary steps for public key authentication required by the Google Analytics Data Import.

Connecting GPT to BigQuery: Zapier AI actions

Using Zapier AI automation, we aim to build our very own GPT capable of grabbing data from BigQuery for analysis.

What is GA4's Measurement Protocol?

We're looking to delve into the depths of the Measurement Protocol - a powerful tool that can transform how you collect and analyse data.

How to debug your SQL in BigQuery

Discover how to efficiently troubleshoot and find missing data in your code. Dive deep into the step-by-step process of querying code segments in BigQuery, leveraging CTEs, and ensuring you understand the flow of your data. Master the art of debugging with hands-on examples.

The Google Cloud tools of the marketing analytics trade

The GCP is vast and overwhelming. We aim to sort through the clutter and help highlight what you need to know as a digital marketing professional.

GTM’s new Google tag: one tag to rule them all

Goodbye to the GA4 Config Tag Anyone who’s spent any time implementing the Google Analytics 4 (GA4) tracking in Google…

Customising GA4's reports menu using the report library

By now you’ll all have GA4 up and running (I hope!) but now the realisation is kicking in that you…

The Derelict Data Warehouse

A well-maintained and utilised data warehouse is a thing of beauty. Imagine all your data from disparate sources autonomously extracted,…
Measurefest blog illustration with a dashboard and superhero

Getting started with Plotly Dash

This blog post is a brief introduction to Plotly Dash and a short tutorial to learn how to build a…

Enter The Random Forest

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