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Firebase Analytics demystified

After a steep learning curve into the world of Firebase Analytics or Google Analytics for Firebase, it seems that a blog post about it would be much valued and appreciated. I’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions.   1. How does Firebase Analytics define a session? Firebase [...]

The Problem With Those Shiny New Built In Triggers (And A Possible Solution)

Hey folks. The shiny new built-in triggers for things we used to have to use big old Custom HTML tags to track before—Youtube tracking! Scroll depth! Element visibility!—have had a bit of time to bed in now. We had a look at changing over to the new built-in solutions everywhere we were using [...]

Bon Anniversaire Measurelab!

Measurelab turned 4 in September and to celebrate we all shut our laptops (except Mark, who got very excited about the organisations announcement from Google) and took the Eurostar to Paris for some well deserved and much needed rest, relaxation and culture. The trip was unofficially sponsored [...]

Activist Analytics

  Hey folks, Adam here. I had quite a busy weekend last week—one that has now been documented in the national press!—and thought I’d share some thoughts about it on here.

Data Studio new countries availability

The time has come for more of you to enjoy the benefits of Data Studio reports! Today, Google has announced long-awaited expansion of its product availability to more than 180 countries. More and more people will now be able to enjoy the benefits of this powerful tool – you can now [...]

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