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Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce tracking with Adobe DTM

Here at Measurelab, we work predominantly with the Google stack but that doesn’t stop us using other tools. As there’s not much documentation available in the public forum on how to implement Enhanced Ecommerce in Google Analytics using Adobe Dynamic Tag Manager (DTM) formerly know [...]


It’s nearly the end of term

As we countdown the last few days to the Christmas break, I wanted to share a few moments from what’s been a busy and fun-packed couple of weeks at Measurelab. Besides all the great work everyone has been doing (which is de rigeur, of course), there’s been much going on. First up to [...]


What is a Data Strategy and do I need one?

Let’s assume you’ve been using Google Analytics in your organisation for some time and your digital marketing endeavours at least are data-driven. More and more people are starting to see the benefit in using data to get their jobs done and now everyone’s talking about Data Science or Big Data [...]


Overcoming the limitations of Google Analytics (without paying for GA360)

Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager are used by around 30 to 50 million companies worldwide. The tools are great for basic web analytics but restrict the user to aggregated data unless a substantial fee is paid (reported to be £90K per annum). This presents a large obstacle for [...]


Knead that CRO dough into shape, ‘tis the season for the perfect prove

Whether you’re starting on your CRO journey or have been at it for years, chances are you’re after opportunities to give your bottom line a boost during the festive season. Taking some time to plan and carefully curate those optimisation journeys will not only go some way to making sure the [...]


Toot toot… All aboard the Measurelab train!

In the last couple of months we’ve had three new starters and I’d like to give them a little nod of recognition, if I may. First up is (Doctor) Dave, who joined us as a Data Scientist in the Summer; he popped along to one of our Brighton Analytics meetups and it just went from […]


GTM Solutions Corner #1: Optimize Events

This is part 1 of what I hope will become a semi-frequent series on here, dedicated to reusable GTM solutions for scenarios or issues we’ve encountered more than once. This particular entry is a companion to Mark’s piece from a couple of years back, but for Google Optimize rather [...]


Chat about analytics and drink beer

Last night’s #BrightonAnalytics meetup was a great success – thanks to all who made it along to the Evening Star pub to chat about analytics and drink beer! The next one will be Tuesday July 17th – again at 6pm-9pm in the Evening Star, Brighton. See you there! ” [...]


Adding Firebase Analytics to your React Native app

This article describes how to integrate Google Analytics for Firebase (formerly Firebase Analytics) to a React Native app. In order to do this, you need to use a JavaScript bridge called RNFirebase.   This is lightweight layer sitting on top of native Firebase libraries for both iOS and Android [...]

Firebase Analytics demystified

After a steep learning curve into the world of Firebase Analytics or Google Analytics for Firebase, it seems that a blog post about it would be much valued and appreciated. I’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions.   1. How does Firebase Analytics define a session? [...]


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