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Who cares about data privacy?

We all need to play our part in promoting a more responsible, ethical approach to collecting and using customer data. If we don’t, there’s a risk we’ll be left with nothing to measure.

Why migrate to GA4? Your data may not be as good as you think

Be warned: the risk of sticking with your current Google Analytics implementation may well be greater than any costs associated with the "migration" to GA4.

Data warehouse: Repair broken tables in BigQuery

At Measurelab, we love a bit of data warehousing using BigQuery; in fact, we are obsessed with finding the best…

How data moves between Google Analytics 4, BigQuery and Data Studio

There's a surprising number of data feeds and transfers for Google Analytics 4, BigQuery, Data Studio and all its connected accounts and platforms. We set out to map them all to assist with your architecting.

How to get to know your customers better.

In marketing, it’s vital to know your customers and how they interact with your brand. You need to know what…

Data warehousing: What is BigQuery and how do I get started?

At Measurelab we live and breathe the Google Cloud Platform, so our specialists are experts in Bigquery. We have decided…

How Recognising Images Works - When You're an Algorithm

There are many different types of image recognition. The main aim of such practises is to correctly match a new…

30 sleeps 'til Christmas

What a year. I don't think I'm alone in wishing this particular year away and wanting to start Christmas ASAFP!…

Using Python in Google Cloud Functions to automate Data Import into Google Analytics from BigQuery

A few months back I was granted access to a Google Cloud Source Repository (private Git repositories hosted on Google…

Google Analytics 4

The new future version of Google Analytics has been announced - now branded as Google Analytics 4. Building on the…

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