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types of GA4 events

GA4 property and data stream setup best practices

How do you structure a GA4 property and data stream, what considerations do you have to watch out for, and what are the options?
types of GA4 events

How to filter and compare data in GA4's reports

GA4's default reports are fine, but we need to be able to filter, compare and manipulate the data to fit specific needs, here's how.
types of GA4 events

Understanding and using GA4’s default reports

The reports section in GA4 is where you will do your day-to-day reporting. Here's how each of the default reports can be used effectively.
types of GA4 events

How to modify events in GA4

How to use the event modification feature in Google Analytics 4 (GA4) to change details about the event without touching the implementation. No coding, no Google Tag Manager, no developers, all done from within the GA4 user interface!
layering data studio scorecards

How to deal with the GA4 Data API quota limitations in Looker Studio

Still struggling with Google Looker Studio breaking due to the GA4 Data API quota limits? We have tested some of the available solutions for you to help get around the issues and get a working dashboard up and running.
Update framework

UPDATE: a six-step framework to server-side GTM migrations

If you’re ready to make the leap to a server-side Google Tag Manager (sGTM) container, we developed the UPDATE framework to help you maximise your chances of a successful switch.
2022 Measurelab Year in Review

2022: Measurelab’s year in review

A reflection on the year gone by and how far we’ve come as a company and team. From taking over the north, growing the team, and an ever growing GA4 and sGTM appetite, this is the time to give ourselves a big pat on the back.

Why you should consider Cloud Run for server-side GTM

Why is exploring Cloud Run as an alternative to App Engine for sGTM instance provision now recommended? And what we found in terms of cost and stability.
layering data studio scorecards

GA4's Data API quotas are breaking Looker Studio reports

If you've been using Looker Studio (formerly Data Studio) to build GA4-based reports and dashboards, you might have noticed that they have started to break. Here's some information about a recent change Google Analytics has made that has caused these errors.

Dream team: the 4 people you need on your digital analytics team

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to building an analytics team, but there are four types of people you should look for to advance your in-house analytics capabilities.

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