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Become fluent in Google Tag Manage (GTM) and gain the confidence to use it to its full potential.

From £2,250 +VAT per team

  • Live, expert-led tailored training
  • 6-hour in-person or virtual course
  • FREE month of post-training support
  • Live website to learn with

At a glance

What you’ll learn

How to effectively use Google Tag Manager to implement Google Analytics and other tracking tags on your website.

Suitable for

Marketers and analytics teams looking to expand their skills in data collection, or developers looking to learn how to implement tags through GTM.

Course structure

6 hours in total, spread across two 3-hour sessions on different days. Delivered live online, which are recorded for future reference. Or delivered live in-person across one full day.

From £2,250 for any team size.

Included with every course

Real experts

Ask us anything about your specific challenges, we can handle it. We do this for a living!

Lifetime access

Learning takes time. That’s why we give lifetime access the training content and resources.

1 month of support

Access support from our analytics experts to answer questions, bounce ideas around or look for direction.


Who doen’t like a certificate! Looks good on your LinkedIn profile too.

The detail

3 hours
Module 1

GTM Fundamentals

A look at what GTM is and how to install it on a website. We’ll be exploring the core building blocks and concepts of GTM – tags, triggers and variables, the data layer and consent management. Then looking at becoming comfortable navigating the UI to know what’s where and where to go.

Topics covered

  • Account structure and orientation – how to get set up and navigate your way around the tool.
  • Tags, triggers and variables – explaining the core building blocks of GTM and how they interact.
  • The data layer – how the data layer fits into GTM and what it’s useful for.
Module 2

Pageview tagging in GTM

How to deploy template and custom tag to all pages of your site. We’ll then look at expanding this setup to only trigger tags on specific pages only.

Topics covered

  • Templated tags – deploying some of the predefined out-of-the-box templated tags on all pages.
  • Custom tags – deploy custom HTML tags when there is no template available to be used.
  • Page targeting – tigger tags on a specific page, or set of pages by creating new custom triggers.
3 hours
(usually taken a few days later)
Module 3

Dynamic tagging in GTM

Learn how to use built-in as well as custom variables to populate your tags with dynamic information. This includes how to trigger your tags when a number of triggering conditions in trigger groups, as well as setting up trigger exclusions.

Topics covered

  • Using variables – exploring how to use the built-in and user-defined variables.
  • Click-based triggers – looking at how to add tags that fire when links have been clicked.
  • Triggers groups and exclusions – building new multifaceted triggers based inclusion and exlusion conditions.
Module 4

Systemising tag deployment

Understand the QA process and how Preview Mode is used to minimise errors. Then explore a very important part of tagging – consent management – and how that plays a part in tag deployment. We’ll also look at general best practices when tagging in terms of the process, workflow, administration, etc.

Topics covered

  • Versioning and QA – using Preview Mode to test your changes before publishing.
  • Consent management – learning how GTM handles and respects user consent choices across your tags.
  • Best practices – how to effectively manage and deploy your GTM containers.

Optional add-ons

In-house, in-person training

Zoom fatigue? We’re happy to come to you if you prefer to all get everyone in the same room and be trained in person.
£450 plus expenses

Masterclass workshop

Choose from any of our tried and tested workshops, or arrange a bespoke one to fit your team’s needs. A chance to delve deeper, ask questions, show us examples, and check how you’ve applied your learning.
from £500 per workshop

Additional training modules

If there’s something extra you’d like to cover during training, you can add additional training modules to any course. Contact us to discuss the options.
£600 per module

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make the training relevant to our business?
We do all we can to ensure the content is tailored to the current level of understanding of the team. If there are specific areas you want to cover or tags you want us to build, we can change up the sessions to skim over some areas and go deep on others, or even mix and match modules from different courses.
Does it matter if my team is in different locations?
Not at all, all of our training is hosted on Zoom and is accessible with any stable internet connection. We also arrange the training session times with your team so that everyone can join regardless of time zone.
Can team members choose which sessions they join?
Yes of course. However, we strongly suggest attending the preceeding modules as there is content in there that we build apon throughout the rest of the course. If people want to drop off at certain points, they are welcome to, we just recommend not joining part of the way through.
Do I need a Google Tag Manager account?
You don’t need access to a GTM account to attend the course as we will provide you with examples and take you through the features and reports covered in the course content. However, if you have access to an account already (along with a Google Analytics account), you’d be able to look your own data and get a better understanding on where the gaps might be.
What do I do if I’m running late or cannot join a session?
If you are just running late or can’t join for some reason don’t worry! All training sessions are recorded and shared after the course has been completed.

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