The Measure Pod

The Measure Pod is a weekly podcast hosted by veteran practitioners of the marketing and product analytics industry. Join Dan and Dara from Measurelab, Bhav from CRAP Talks and the occasional guest on their quest to make sense of the analytics industry, and have some fun along the way.

#81 Marketing vs. product analytics

Dan and Dara kick off a new season of The Measure Pod by introducing Bhav Patel as a guest co-host and discussing all things marketing and product analytics. Dara tries to play Dan and Bhav off each other, Bhav promises to bring controversy, and Dan gains Bhav in team-User versus team-Session.

#80 A chat about $PodcastSubject with $GuestName (with Rasmus Houlind @ Agillic)

This week Dan and Dara are joined by Rasmus Houlind - author of the book Hello $FirstName and CXO at Agillic. In this discussion, they chat about what personalisation is, the differences between implicit and explicit personalisation, how the customer journey belongs to the customer, and how to adapt a CRO mindset for personalisation.

#79 Quant and qual data, different but complementary

This week Dan and Dara chat about quantitative and qualitative data, the merits of each type, and how they need to be used together and not siloed away in different teams to get the most valuable insights. This topic was suggested via our Feedback Form by Hugh - thanks Hugh!

#78 Sessionization is back baby!

This week Dan and Dara chat about the slow but steady move in Google Analytics 4 (GA4) towards reintroducing older session-based metrics that were in Universal Analytics (UA). Is this an admission that they were wrong to not have them in GA4 to begin with? Why would they introduce them now? They discuss all of this and more - like how it (of course) ties into Google Ads and GA360!

#77 All things SA360, DV360, CM360 and GA4 (with Alexis Nicolas @ brīt klik)

This week Dan and Dara are joined by Alexis Nicolas from brīt klik. They discuss the reasons why companies would want to move beyond just using Google Ads to use Google's Campaign Manager 360 (CM360), Search Ads 360 (SA360) and Display & Video 360 (DV360), and how Google Analytics 4 (GA4) fits into it all too.

#76 The end of rules-based attribution is nigh!

This week Dan and Dara are back solo this week to talk about the recent news from Google that they are removing most of the rules-based attribution models from Google Analytics 4 and Google Ads. Dara keeps asking if anyone cares or is affected by the change, and Dan gets it, but it not super happy to be without linear attribution!

#75 Learning design in analytics (with Phil Gomm and Tony Reeves @ Ding)

This week Dan and Dara are joined by Phil Gomm and Tony Reeves from Ding, a learning design consultancy. Ding and Measurelab have been working together over the last few months to build out a new Google Analytics 4 (GA4) learning experience, which has take the form of the 6-week GA4 Immersion cohort training course recently launched. They discuss the question of 'why exactly is learning design?', and how that applies to teaching analytics. They also explore how to design learning experiences with the learner in mind, including multiple formats and mediums, social environments and other aspects to make learning the most effective.

#74 The UPDATE framework for server-side GTM migrations (with Matthew Hooson @ Measurelab)

This week Dan and Dara are joined by Matthew Hooson from Measurelab to talk about server-side Google Tag Manager (sGTM) and the UPDATE framework to best migrate over to server-side tagging. Hear Matthew talk to Dara and Dan about what he and the team have learned from doing many sGTM migrations, and what the top things to consider when migrating are.

#73 Starting a product analytics consultancy (with Bhavik Patel @ CAUSL)

This week Dan and Dara are joined by their first returning guest Bhav Patel! Bhav has been on a journey since the last time they were on the podcast, starting the product measurement consultancy CAUSL and running more CRAP Talks. Hear from Bhav what it's like starting a consultancy in the data world, working in the open, and of course, whether or not Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is disrupting the product analytics space.

#72 A conversation on BigQuery and GA4 (with Johan van de Werken @ and New10)

This week Dan and Dara are joined by Johan van de Werken, creator of They chat about how GA4BigQuery started and where it's going, how Johan moved from letters to numbers, how the GA4 BigQuery course on Simmer was designed and developed, and we hear about his punk rock cover band!