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It’s been a while since the last time I wrote anything on the blog so I thought I’d make it up to you with a little freebie 🙂

One of the most common tasks at Measurelab (and I’m sure in many other analytics agencies) is to run a “health check” of the main features and configurations of the Google Analytics user interface.

Google Analytics Health Check Template

This varies in depth and level of detail depending on various factors but we do find it quite helpful as it provides us and the client with a quick overview of the “health status” of the Google Analytics Account, Property(ies) and View(s). It can also help to flag out what the main priorities are and what the next steps should be.

The template below – which you can download or make a copy of – runs through those configuration and feature settings that are key to ensure that GA is gathering the correct information but also touches on some of the further tracking capabilities that can truly enhance your data gathering efforts.

Each item can then be labelled with either a score, which provides an idea of whether this feature is being used to its full potential, or with a progress label (To do, Ongoing, etc) to help you keep track of what’s been done, what’s next, etc.

Again this document can be further developed to provide a more in-depth analysis of your digital analytics framework or to focus on more specific areas of the implementation, so feel free to modify it to fit your needs!

[Measurelab] Google Analytics Health Check – Template



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