Google Tag Manager Training Courses by the Measurelab team now available!

Right folks, it’s happening!

Our new Google Tag Manager training workshops are now live and ready to be booked!!

Thank you! Thank you!

It has taken a bit of thinking and planning but we’ve finally decided to go ahead with it and we’re pretty pleased with the end results.

We’ll take you from the very basics – what’s a tag management system and how it works – to the more techy stuff such as how to deploy different vendors and custom HTML tags, but keeping things flexible so we can adapt to the group’s needs and requirements.

The agenda for the workshop – which you can see here –  comprises practical exercises too, so you walk away with a good understanding of how the whole process works and knowing how to create, deploy and debug containers and tags by yourself.

As usual, our courses will be organised for small groups – no more than 10 people – as we like to encourage participation from delegates and allow time for questions and discussions.

They’ll be taking place on the same venue where our current Google Analytics courses are being held. Wallace Space in Covent Garden.

If none of the dates that we’ve chosen suits you or your team, remember that we also have our remote training and mentoring programs and our custom and in-house training which we can organise at any time you want (well, almost..).

Thanks for reading and hope to see you soon at one of our training events!


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