Measurelab has moved!

Last Friday afternoon, instead of the usual slacking off hard work right up to the end of the day, Measurelab (and our good friends at Brightlocal) were emptying cupboards and bookshelves, taking the legs off desks and disposing of never-watered plants, in preparation to load all the gear into cars and bus it down the road to the new office! Measurelab Manor has served well for the first year of so of Measurelab’s existence (and my first 2 months of employment), but as we grow (graduate position still open for a few more weeks!) we need more space, and so we’ve moved into the loft space above The Needlemakers (our bit is called the The Old Candlemakers). This building is a former hypodermic needle factory and candle workshop – now filled with a cafe, shops and lots of interesting businesses (including ours).

Measurelab Towers has got bags of space (as you can see below), exposed beams and lovely views out over Lewes (above). Now we just need to get back to work and stop being distracted by the people hang-gliding off Mount Caburn.

2014-09-19 11.38.13 HDR

hard at work

View from the top

View from the top

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