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Sanderson Design Group designs and manufactures wallpaper and fabrics, with a history stretching back more than a century. It trades under several brands including Arthur Sanderson & Sons, Morris & Co., Zoffany and Harlequin.

The analytics team manages 5+ sites and over 20,000 digital transactions per month.

Google Cloud Platform | Marketing Science | Retail & Wholesale


The Challenge

Sanderson has recently launched a new B2B ordering system, aiming to streamline order generation and reduce customer service calls. Following the implementation, call volumes were monitored, but unfortunately, no significant decline was observed, and the reasons behind this lack of reduction remain unclear.

The Solution

During the implementation of the new ordering system, we recommended incorporating a user ID within GA4. Leveraging the power of BigQuery, we used this user ID to connect GA4 data with two other datasets: Sanderson’s call centre data and their ordering system data. Through this integration, we were able to create a comprehensive table that captures a user’s interactions across the ordering system, while also incorporating any calls they may have made. This approach provided a unified view of a user’s journey, bridging the gap between online and offline platforms.

The Results

Through data analysis, we discovered specific pages within the new ordering system that users frequently accessed before making phone calls. By identifying these pages, Sanderson was able to prioritise optimisation efforts, to reduce call volumes and an enhanced customer experience.

What’s Next?

Sanderson is focused on leveraging the analysis to further enhance their ordering system and generate valuable insights for their optimisation roadmap. Notably, they have successfully implemented a live chat feature on their website and are keen to incorporate these interactions into their analysis. This will enable them to evaluate the impact of these initiatives on reducing call volume.

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