Howard Kennedy automates GA4 data for content performance reporting

Howard Kennedy LLP is a London based, full-service law firm with nearly 200 lawyers in one location. They specialise in providing straightforward advice to entrepreneurial businesses and individuals on domestic and international matters.

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The Challenge

Howard Kennedy creates various ‘Hot Topic’ campaign pages featuring videos, podcasts, and articles. Despite tracking these pages with Google Analytics 4, the performance data was not directly available to campaign managers or lawyers. The objective was to develop an automated Looker Studio dashboard that would distill GA4 performance data into easily understandable KPIs for all stakeholders.

The Solution

Before creating a Looker Studio dashboard for Howard Kennedy, a planning session was held with key stakeholders to identify important metrics and user needs. A preliminary dashboard design was presented for feedback, which informed further refinements, including aesthetic and usability enhancements, resulting in a more intuitive and user-friendly interface.

The Results

With their first fully automated campaign dashboard in place, it has reduced the burden of manually pulling the metrics directly from Google Analytics 4, as well as being able to now share the data across the business for their colleagues to self-serve their own data and insights during their most recent campaign. 

What’s Next?

By leveraging this data, Howard Kennedy seeks to gain valuable insights into what hot topic pages work better than others, and how much their paid, organic and social marketing activity plays a role to better invest in the right areas.

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