Pret uses Adjust and GA4 to understand app attribution

Pret a Manger is a brick and mortar chain of coffee shops serving freshly made food and good organic coffee. They have 600+ stores distributed globally and their analytics team is responsible for over 30 million events every month collected across both web and app. 

“Measurelab have been a key partner to us as we’ve undertaken a complete overhaul of our app and web analytics. Having access to the wide range of skillsets within the organisation has been invaluable as we’ve embarked on this journey, and their technical expertise has helped us to build a modern solution that provides insight into digital behaviours across multiple touchpoints.”

Google Analytics 4 | App Attribution | Google Cloud Platform

The Challenge

Pret wanted to enhance the attribution of their app downloads utilising both Google Analytics 4 and Adjust, a mobile measurement partner. The ambition was to be able to optimise their digital campaign performance based on users successfully downloading their app and generally better understand the behaviours and paths leading to conversions.

The Solution

We successfully integrated Google Analytics 4 and Adjust to dynamically send client ID, session ID, and traffic attribution parameters based on user behaviour. Additionally, we have ensured that the Adjust data is exported to BigQuery, allowing for seamless merging with the core GA4 dataset.

The Results

With a consolidated dataset at their disposal, Pret is planning to conduct an in-depth analysis of the various channels and user journeys that contribute to app downloads. 

This analysis aims to optimise the effectiveness of their digital channels, fine-tuning targeting techniques for the utmost impact and long-term success in attracting and engaging users.

What’s next?

By leveraging this wealth of data, Pret seeks to gain valuable insights that will guide their decision-making process and drive continuous improvement in their app’s performance.

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