Our Technology

Cloud-based analytics consultancy and support.

Our technology enables us to be quicker and smarter – and data drives the way we do business at Measurelab.

We have built our own proprietary technology that allows you, as a client, to see what we are working on and how things are ticking along – whatever the time of day or night. This cloud-based system also powers how we manage our workloads across the team – creating efficiencies without removing real human experts.

You will never speak to an Account Manager at Measurelab because we don’t have them! Instead, you will only ever speak to the actual people with the knowledge and skills to help you. Or sometimes, Adam.

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Centralised Documentation

Instead of having all your files scattered between hard drives and emails on both sides of the client-agency divide, we keep everything on Google Drive – so everyone is working from the latest version – and in one place, with all relevant documents being linked to in my.measurelab.

Accurate Budget & Time Tracking

No more awkward conversations about how much time is left: everything is automatically updated from out time-tracking software, so the numbers are always up to date.

Task Management

Incorporating a proprietary interface for Trello, including colour grading for task immediacy and many other features, my.measurelab allows both us and you to keep track of what needs doing when.

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