We are Google Analytics experts.

It’s what we do, day in, day out. We are a certified partner which means we have access to new features in beta and a worldwide network of other product specialists, including direct communication with Google Engineers, Product Managers, and Product Marketing Managers. This allow us to remain on the cutting edge with Google Analytics, pushing it to – and sometimes beyond – its stated limits. Google Analytics is often seen as a single area of expertise because it is a single platform. In reality this is not the case and there are many different aspects to making full use of Google Analytics. Our consultancy services support companies across all of these distinct areas of expertise.

Getting started

Starting at the beginning we will review what you already have in place. There is absolutely no point basing any decisions on flawed, skewed or uncertain data. Everyone wants to work on exciting new features (we do too!) but it’s critical that these features sit on solid foundations.

We will review your existing Google Analytics solution, from both a technical implementation  and account configuration perspective, and get you on the path to more reliable, plentiful and useful data. We’ve seen, diagnosed (and more importantly fixed!) enough issues in our time to know how to get your tracking up to scratch. We’ll work closely with you to align what we are doing with your actual reporting requirements. There’s no point fixing goals that you don’t need or adding extra tracking that will only confuse or distract.

We’re agile. Let’s be honest, we need to be.

Once we know what you have currently in place and what’s wrong and/or missing, we can prioritise our areas of focus with you. We’ll plot where you are now against where you want to be and turn the gaps into projects and tasks. We’re agile. Let’s be honest, we need to be. Your needs as a business will change and therefore your data collection and reporting requirements will change. We’re here to help ensure your Google Analytics solution changes accordingly and keeps up to date with your needs.

Once your Google Analytics account is validated and any additional tracking and reporting features are implemented and configured, we can then move to shaping the data that is being collected to deliver custom reports to you that you can easily digest, distribute and take action from. This can take many forms, depending entirely on how you like your data. If you want simple dashboards and custom reports within the Google Analytics interface, we can help you set these up. If you needs are more on the complex side, we can use the Google Analytics API to pull the data you need automatically and then produce automated spreadsheets using Google Sheets or visualise this data more graphically using one of the many visual dashboarding tools on the market.

What next?

So the data you need is being collected and delivered to you exactly as you need it. Job done! Well not quite. Interpreting the data isn’t always easy and again we are here to help. You may need a second opinion (or a first!) about why something is happening or how good or bad performance is for a certain metric. The typical questions we help people answer are: why is my conversion rate down, where are people leaving during checkout, is there a difference in behaviour between desktop, tablet and mobile users, which channels are more impactful higher up the conversion funnel, etc. We can help with all of these questions and more. We love challenges and these kinds of questions pique the interest of any self respecting analytics consultant. We can be the voice of reason, a fresh pair of eyes or a much needed honest opinion when you’re surrounded by noise and bias.

We will cut straight to the point and customise your Google Analytics for your business.

We don’t mess about. We love what we do and we’re good at it. We will cut straight to the point and customise your Google Analytics for your business. This is not a quick standalone project but an ongoing effort. It takes thought, planning and iteration. Websites, campaigns, goals and KPIs all change over time and your analytics tools need to adapt. We will empower your team to own these changes over time if you wish but we’ll help you along that journey for as long as you need us to.   

What’s more, all our work with you is managed and tracked through our proprietary management console – where you can raise support tickets, monitor tasks and track progress – whenever you fancy. Just like it should be really.

Get more out of Google Analytics

We will help you use Google Analytics to understand and improve digital channel user experience, customer acquisition and behaviour, and – in particular – to optimise your marketing and advertising campaigns.


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