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Why rely on a hunch when you can make informed decisions based on reliable data? We help you get the most out of online measurement techniques - eliminating the guess work - to understand what you are doing online and how you can do it better.

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Measurelab is a small, yet perfectly formed, independent web analytics consultancy, based in Lewes near Brighton; providing analytics consultation services and products at the cutting edge of digital measurement.

Our services and products incorporate a blend of online technology, digital marketing, and data analysis techniques. Specifically we use Google Analytics, tag management systems, and a bunch of rather neat specialist tools – to deliver custom tracking implementations, reporting dashboards, and analysis.

What we do

We work with you to identify Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and help you to create a comprehensive Measurement Framework for your organisation.

Do you know the data you are reporting on is accurate? Are you getting the most from the data you are collecting? Be sure with a Google Analytics Health Check.

We use container tags, data layers and bespoke tracking code to ensure every aspect of your digital measurement strategy is well managed and implemented with precision.

We help you to achieve actionable insights from your web analytics with data analysis, interpretation and reporting - aimed at improving your conversion rates and sales.

Choose one of our off-the-shelf Google Analytics training sessions or get in touch to discuss something a little more tailored to your business needs.

Do you know you need to use all that data but are not quite sure where to start? We work alongside your organisation to help bring a clear understanding of analytics to the fore.

“To measure is to know... If you cannot measure it you cannot improve it”

Lord William Thomson Kelvin (1824 - 1907)


… love the reports you’ve created… you’ve done a great job.


… excellent work, as always – thank you!


… I would not hesitate to recommend… In a short space of time you have made a big impact.

Measurelab know their analytics and intelligently applied it to our specific situation. They gave us very useful advice. I think they’re excellent.


Thanks again for your work on this, you’ve been fantastic!


Working with Measurelab on our analytics has been a fantastic experience. They quickly identified the problems and gave a detailed explanation on how to fix them. They are responsive and clear and we will be keen to work with them again in the near future.


Measurelab have helped to bring Google Analytics to life for me. Mark and his team provide an invaluable source of knowledge and support.

We help you get the most out of online measurement techniques - to understand what you are doing online and how you can do it better.
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R For Analytics: A Beginner’s Guide, Part 2

Last week, I discussed R briefly, and why it might be useful to people doing analytics work. I also had a quick look at the libraries that would allow you to interface R with Google Analytics. At this point, you should have R and RStudio installed on your computer, and also have installed the RGA

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R For Analytics: A Beginner’s Guide, Part 1

Two years ago, or thereabouts: I was introduced in my statistics lectures to a programming language and software environment called R. I took to it immediately, preferring it by far to the simpler software we’d used before, and also to the proprietary software (SAS, SPSS) we used in addition.


Announcing our Google Analytics Training dates – 2015

If you have ever attended one of Dara’s talks or training workshops, you will know the alluring power of the beard and Irish accent. Now is your chance to secure a whole day with Dara (aka “Data” – by predictive text, at least) – a true pinup of the #measure world – by registering for one

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Who we are

Managing Director

Dara and Mark met in 2010 at the Google campus in Mountain View, California - while attending the annual Google Analytics Summit.

Prior to co-founding Measurelab, Dara was Head of Insight & Analytics at Fresh Egg - and Mark was Head of Technology at Harvest Digital (as well as running his own web business, Playlab).

Measurelab was born in 2013.

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