BigQuery Without Analytics 360 – Adam’s Measurefest 2019 Talk

For the first time in a few years, I took to the stage at Measurefest to talk about how to get your data from Google Analytics into BigQuery, and what you can do with it when you get there. Obviously, Analytics 360 will allow you to do that—but that costs $$$ a year, so I sketched out some more affordable methods—touching on third-party connector solutions, but drawing out a more detailed illustration of how we’d use our own Pipelines solution and what we’d be able to do with it. Sadly, unlike last time, there wasn’t a central Garfield-based metaphor—Calvin and Hobbes put in several appearances, but as visual flair only.

I ended the talk with a brief overview of the changes that App + Web will bring to the analytics landscape—both in general and specifically pertaining to this question (since Firebase plugs into BigQuery directly, it changes the game somewhat!)—Mark has talked more about that here. My slides are below, and if you’re interested in talking more about our pipeline solutions, App + Web or BigQuery/Google Cloud services, please get in touch!

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