Google Analytics minus Google Analytics – my Measurefest 2015 talk

After a few nerve-wracking weeks of preparation, I did my talk about Google Analytics, the API and R yesterday afternoon at Measurefest in Brighton. I must admit, the whole thing is a bit of a blur, but I’ve been assured by several people (not just my friends!) that it went well, so I’ll take their word for it. I was even approached by people afterwards and asked questions! (and if you were one of those people: apologies, I didn’t quite get back to normal for several hours, so my answers may have been somewhat rambling and confused (well, more so than normal)) Now that it’s done, of course, I’m thinking about what I can do a talk about next! If you weren’t able to make it – or if you were, and you want to relive the excellent jokes and insightful analysis – the slides, along with an approximation of what I said/was meant to say, can be found here. Many thanks to Kelvin for letting me speak, the rest of Team Measurelab for their encouragement and forbearance when I started to crack under the strain, and the audience, for laughing at my jokes.

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