MeasureFest October 2022: Why GA4 means you need to get on board with BigQuery

MeasureFest is an analytics conference, part of brightonSEO. Katie ran a talk this year all about how BigQuery should be your friend when migrating over to Google Analytics 4, like it or not!

This is my first time speaking at any analyics conference, let alone MeasureFest, and I’m looking forward to sharing my passion for SQL and BigQuery. I’ve been a data analyst for over 10 years, I’ve used SQL with Oracle, Microsoft and now Google BigQuery, and I can honestly say that Google has been my favourite so far! They are constantly thinking of new ways to improve the user experience, and the speed of the code is amazing. Plus they have a suite of products which have been made to speak to one another with ease.

I love extracting data using SQL, the control you have is amazing. Lots of people can code SQL to extract data, but only the best ones will be checking their outputs and ensuring the data you are looking at is correct. All you need to get started is a little imagination for what you want to extract and how you are going to use that data, a question to ask your data is a good start. From there it’s just a case of building up your code and testing along the way. This article I wrote will help with what you should think about when testing your SQL code.

Before you start using BigQuery with your GA4 data, you’ll need to get the exports all set up. Here’s a guide I wrote on how to do it step by step:

Here’s some resources related to the talk to help get started and utilising BigQuery now:

And here’s some handy free resources for learning SQL (and beyond):

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Below are my slides from my MeasureFest talk. Here is the link to Google Slides in case that doesn’t work.


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I love data, what can I say? Having a right or wrong answer floats my boat. I've worked with SQL for over 10 years, with Oracle SQL, Microsoft SQL and now BigQuery SQL. In this industry we never seem to stop learning, my current focus is all things GCP and I'm loving moving with the times and learning about cloud based products.

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