Adding Firebase Analytics to your React Native app

This article describes how to integrate Google Analytics for Firebase (formerly Firebase Analytics) to a React Native app. In order to do this, you need to use a JavaScript bridge called [...]

Data Studio is just getting better and better!

We have some great news for all those of you who live and breathe Data Studio! Google has just announced two big changes to the tool: The 5 report limit for the free version has been removed What [...]

Tricks and tips for Data Studio

Since its release back in May 2016, Data Studio (a free version of Data Studio 360) has made quite a lot of progress on improving its functionality. Of course, it is still in beta, so you might [...]

Tracking Optimizely Experiments in Universal Analytics with Google Tag Manager (A Better Way!)

If you’re looking to integrate your Optimizely (experiment and variation) data with Google’s Universal Analytics using Google Tag Manager, you will quickly realise that the official documentation [...]

Data Visualisation with Power BI

Since the recent(ish) announcement of Google Data Studio 360 (Google’s answer to Tableau), we wanted to see where Data Studio 360 will fit into the mix by trying to compare what little we [...]

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