Core Reporting API v4

Core Reporting API update” doesn’t sound like the most exciting thing in the world, but trust me: it is. Well, maybe not the most exciting thing, but certainly getting on that way. So what’s new?

  • Metric Expressions
    Are you sick of having to do post-processing on metrics in a separate sheet before you pipe them to your presentation layer? Well, guess what – you can now combine metrics mathematically in your queries!
  • Multiple date ranges
    Are you sick of having to run multiple queries to compare date ranges? Well, guess what – there’s now support for requesting two date ranges in a single request!
  • Multiple segments
    Are you (sensing a theme here?) sick of having to run multiple queries to compare different segments? Well, guess what – you can now request multiple segments in a single request!
  • Cohorts and Lifetime Value
    Are you sick of… the API not having a rich vocabulary to request Cohort and Lifetime value reports? Well… guess what? (That. That is the thing they can now do.) That is to say: there are now a bunch of additional metrics and dimesions that allow you to access cohort and lifetime values – jolly useful if you use those reports – and some additional, more involved stuff specifically pertaining to those reports (see the full documentation for more).
  • Resource/Cost based quota system
    Are you sick of… the previous resource/cost based quota system? There’s now a slightly different one – based solely around project queries (though as they say in wrestling, the card is subject to change).

A lot of stuff in there that I think many people who make extensive use of the API (whether through the sheets addon or otherwise) will be happy about. Further details will hopefully follow as we start getting into the weeds of some of this stuff.

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