At Last… Google Analytics 360 Suite

So it’s finally happened, Google have brought their enterprise-level analytics offerings together in one neat package: the Google Analytics 360 Suite! What they have done is re-branded Google Analytics Premium as Google Analytics 360 and Adometry as Google Attribution 360, and released 4 all new tools. They are:

  • Google Audience Center 360 (beta) – A data management platform (DMP) that helps understand and identify customers across channels, devices, campaigns, etc.
  • Google Optimize 360 (beta) – A website testing and personalization tool that helps to deliver better user experiences. It can show variations of a site or page and figure out the best for each audience.
  • Google Data Studio 360 (beta) – A completely new analysis and visualization tool. It connects to all your data and produces interactive dashboards with built-in real-time collaboration (like Google Docs).
  • Google Tag Manager 360 – A simpler way to add code to a site. A number for built-in APIs increase data accuracy and streamline workflows.
Google Analytics 306 Suite Screen

Google Analytics 306 Suite Screen

The new tools have been released in ‘limited beta’ today, so we can expect more from Google on these tools over the next few weeks.

“This is just the beginning of our ongoing innovation in enterprise marketing analytics — we can’t wait to share more.” – Google Analytics Blog

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Daniel is the innovation and training lead at Measurelab - he is an analytics trainer, co-host of The Measure Pod analytics podcast, and overall fanatic. He loves getting stuck into all things GA4, and most recently with exploring app analytics via Firebase by building his own Android apps.

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