What did you do at the weekend?

Last Friday we all put our “out of office” notifications on our email, ditched the computers and headed off to Bournemouth and the beautiful Dorset coast for a couple of days. It was time to reflect on how the company is evolving and a chance for us all to get to know each other a little bit better.

It was really lovely for us to all be able to get around the same table and share our thoughts. Throughout the afternoon, we learnt a lot about each other – and the shared love continued well into the evening over a home-cooked vegan chilli.

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The next day it was activity time! The weather forecast was horrendous but the rain eventually subsided and the team boldly donned some rather damp wet suits – heading out onto the chilly sea on kayaks!

Just look at those grins

Unfortunately, there’s no photo evidence of us out on the sea on kayaks, so I’ve borrowed a picture from the guys who took us out; you’ll have to imagine a slightly greyer sky with a slightly choppier sea 😉

Kayaking round old Harry’s rocks

Despite the weather, we had a fantastic time. And learnt a just little bit more about each other to boot.

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Mark is one of our co-founders and enjoys tinkering, playing and exploring; happiest at the intersections of technology, marketing, creativity, science, & business.

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