Data Studio is just getting better and better!

We have some great news for all those of you who live and breathe Data Studio! Google has just announced two big changes to the tool:

  1. The 5 report limit for the free version has been removed
  2. What is even more exciting, Data Studio is now free for both basic and 360 (enterprise) version users!

Up till now, the only real downside of the free version of the tool, was its limitation in the number of reports you could create per account. So if you are a free version user, you won’t be really getting any additional features that would otherwise be only reserved to the paid version, but it does mean that you will be able to create as many new reports as you wish. It seems like a small advantage, but just imagine having to create 20 totally different reports, with multiple data sources and aimed at completely different public – after all you don’t always want to share all of your data with everyone in the company!




How will these changes affect me and my clients?

For those of you, who have already paid for the enterprise version, as of 2nd of February 2017, you should no longer be billed for the tool. And if you wonder if there are any benefits that you may have from using Data Studio 360 in the future – yes, there are! The idea is to work on developing a more powerful core product, with new great features that will work for all users, but adding even more extra functionalities for paid clients at a later stage.

If you are one of the whitelisted Data Studio 360 beta clients, you will continue to receive Data Studio for free. There will be no changes for those clients who use beta version in countries where the product is still unavailable. However, no new clients will be accepted to the Data Studio whitelist at the moment. What the product team is hoping to achieve with this change, is easier localization, which would help making Data Studio available in more countries in H1 2017.

Make sure to keep an eye on new releases and enjoy your unlimited reports!


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Magdalena is the Analysis Lead at Measurelab. She loves analysing complex data to derive interesting insights for clients. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, knitting and spending time with her young son.

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