Data Studio is just getting better and better!

We have some great news for all those of you who live and breathe Data Studio! Google has just announced two big changes to the tool: The 5 report limit for the free version has been removed What [...]


Tricks and tips for Data Studio

Since its release back in May 2016, Data Studio (a free version of Data Studio 360) has made quite a lot of progress on improving its functionality. Of course, it is still in beta, so you might [...]


Google Tag Manager overhaul released as public beta – new interface, features and API

Things move fast in the digital world. Even more so when the might of Google is behind a product. Even so, a complete overhaul of the Google Tag Manager interface is quite a leap – [...]


Migrating to Enhanced E-Commerce in “5 Easy Steps”

If you are anything like me, you will have seen the fandangled new “enhanced” e-commerce reports that are starting to become available in Google Analytics accounts (N.B. – Universal web [...]


Universal Analytics is out of Beta… So What Now? #brightonseo talk slides

Yesterday, at BrightonSEO, Dara (our Analytics Director) gave a talk on the state of Universal Analytics now that it is out of beta. It was well received by all (see Twitter feed below). [...]

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