We are going BIG on DATA

See what we did there? Okay, so maybe a tad too much on the title. It is catchy, so hey.

Firstly – we are pretty chuffed to welcome Lace to our team. She joins us to spearhead our offering in all things DATA science and data engineering, which (to be completely frank) is where all roads point in this analytics game. With the advent of App plus Web (from Google Analytics), and particularly the opportunity to access raw data through BigQuery, this is an exciting place to be right now.

Secondly – we are growing the team and going BIG. It has been a crazy few months. The pandemic still prevails. People are uncertain of what the future looks like. And so this is precisely the time to grasp that nettle and carve out a path for our future. We are fortunate to already be working in a field that has become even more relevant; it is a fairly good bet right now. What all this has changed though are the parameters within which we can play. Suddenly we are all working from home – and that changes how we all look at stuff. It also means we can look to revisit the status quo for the better – forever – to create a more sustainable and scalable way of doing all this. Again – quite an exciting place to be!

So that’s all… If you think any of these roles could be you then get in touch (by emailing jobs@measurelab.co.uk). In fact – get in touch if you think that Measurelab might be the right sort of place for you. We are more about finding the right people than finding people who fit a job description.

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Mark is one of our co-founders and enjoys tinkering, playing and exploring; happiest at the intersections of technology, marketing, creativity, science, & business.

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