The Measure Pod

The Measure Pod is a podcast hosted by Dan, Dara and Bhav - veteran practitioners of the marketing and product analytics industry. Join us, and the occasional guest, on our quest to make sense of things, having some fun along the way.

#13 Server-side GTM, what is it?

This week Dan and Dara talk about server-side GTM. It's recently come out of beta, so there's lots of attention on it at the moment, so they discuss what it is, why it's important and where it's going.

#12 Why impartiality is important in marketing analytics (with Mark Rochefort)

This week Dan and Dara have their first guest Mark Rochefort, Technology and Operations Director at Measurelab. They discuss why being impartial is vital in marketing analytics and the skills becoming more important to spot unconscious and conscious biases when working with data.

#11 Is this the end of real data in analytics?

This week Dan and Dara discuss how the access to 'real' data in Google Analytics (UA and GA4) is becoming more limited due to technology and legislation changes. They think about what this means to people using analytics platforms like GA that are used to having access to all their data, and how this may change we use data in these platforms in the future.

Measured Opinions #10: Better metrics for web measurement

This week Dan and Dara dig deep into the ABCs of Google Analytics metrics. Defining what they actually mean (not what you may think they mean) and discuss their relevance and/or place in to modern technological age.

Measured Opinions #9: Is attribution modelling important?

This week Dan and Dara chat attribution modelling and how/where/if/when it's useful and important to invest in.

Measured Opinions #8: The 15 minute GA audit

This week Dan and Dara (literally) run through an audit for Universal Analytics properties in 15 minutes. They touch on many of the key areas that are commonly an issue when looking at GA and how to identify and fix them.

Measured Opinions #7: The GA4 PIVOT framework

This week Dan and Dara discuss the PIVOT framework they've been working on to help people 'pivot' to GA4. Clever, very clever...

Measured Opinions #6: Do you really need GA360?

This week Dan and Dara discuss the questions you can ask yourself to see if you need to consider upgrading to Google Analytics 360 (GA360). They go through their considerations, as well as the differences between the free and not-so-free versions.

Measured Opinions #5: What is a UTM and why is it so important?

This week Dan and Dara discuss Google Analytics' infamous UTMs. They talk about what they are and why they're important in having good, reliable and clean data.

Measured Opinions #4: What makes a good analytics consultant?

This week Dan and Dara discuss what makes a good analytics consultant. Since they both have been consultants for many years, and Measurelab is always recruiting for more, they're in a pretty good place to explain what they look for to see if someone would be a good fit.