The Measure Pod

The Measure Pod is a podcast hosted by Dan, Dara and Bhav - veteran practitioners of the marketing and product analytics industry. Join us, and the occasional guest, on our quest to make sense of things, having some fun along the way.

#30 Why use both GA and AA? (with Liam Galliers)

This week Dan and Dara are joined by Liam Galliers to discuss why you'd have both Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics on your website. They chat about some of the differences, their strengths and weaknesses, and who they think the target audiences are for each.

#29 Can you track offline marketing in GA?

This week Dan and Dara discuss the intricacies of measuring offline marketing activities in Google Analytics. What the various methods of doing are, and what to look out for when analysing the performance of the offline channels.

#28 The MeasureCamp story (with Peter O'Neill)

This week Dan and Dara are joined by Peter O'Neill to talk about how he founded MeasureCamp and what the journey was like from the very first one, through COVID, to what the future holds for the analytics unconference.

#27 Common Google Analytics mistakes to avoid

This week Dan and Dara talk about common Google Analytics mistakes they see time and time again. From using UTMs incorrectly to having analytics siloed away from the rest of the business.

#26 App attribution for dummies, and web analysts (with Derek Ooi)

This week Dan and Dara are joined by Derek Ooi to talk about app attribution, and why an MMP is essential. They talk about why GA4 can't do it, and what you'd be missing if you don't invest in an MMP if you want to run marketing campaign to you app.

#25 Dan and Dara’s analytics journey

This week Dan and Dara take a walk down memory lane and chat about how they got into the weird and wonderful world of analytics.

#24 What will the role of GA be in the future?

This week Dan and Dara discuss where they think the future of Google Analytics is heading. Spoiler alert - like it or not, it's all GA4.

#23 How to keep up with analytics

This week Dan and Dara are back together for the first time in 2022 to discuss how they like to keep up to date with the analytics technology, legislation and industry in general.

#22 Data-driven attribution - the past, present and future (with Tom Woods)

This week Dan is joined by Tom Woods to discuss all things data-driven attribution off the back of Google Analytics 4 launching DDA as their go-to model.

#21 GA4 features we need to see in 2022 (with George Mendham)

This week Dan is joined by George Mendham to discuss what features Google Analytics 4 needs to reach parity with Universal Analytics (and surpass).