The Measure Pod

The Measure Pod is a podcast hosted by Dan, Dara and Bhav - veteran practitioners of the marketing and product analytics industry. Join us, and the occasional guest, on our quest to make sense of things, having some fun along the way.

#19 Sheets, the unsung hero of GA

This week Dan and Dara discuss the relevance of the Google Sheets connector for GA, and if GA4 not having one will be a bid deal or not. They get into the use cases it fulfils for UA and how/if tools like Google Data Studio, BigQuery and the GA4 explore workspace will be able to fill the gap.

#18 What is analytics maturity today? (with Steen Rasmussen)

This week Dan and Dara are joined by Steen Rasmussen from IIH Nordic to discuss how to approach and access analytics maturity in the modern era since COVID-19.

#17 Why you should be using Segments in Universal Analytics

This week Dan and Dara discuss Segments in GA (Universal Analytics). It's a favourite topic for both of them, both having done their fair share over the years. They discuss some good use cases, lesser-known hacks and applications.

#16 The quantified self: Whoopcast (with Steven Elliott)

This week Dan and Dara are joined by Steven Elliott, Measurelab's Commercial Director. Steve discusses how tracking as much as possible about their body and exercise has made a difference day-to-day. How technology such as WHOOP has helped him to test and optimise things like sleep and alcohol consumption.

#15 When is GA not the answer?

This week Dan and Dara discuss various situations when GA is not the answer. Whether it's navigating gaps in data collection, or forcing some types of data analysis that just doesn't work.

#14 How COVID-19 impacts data analysis (with Jake Birch)

This week Dan and Dara are joined by Jake Birch. Jake is a Lead Analytics Consultant at Measurelab and has come on the pod to talk about how COVID-19 has affected how he has been analysing data for his clients over the last 18+ months.

#13 Server-side GTM, what is it?

This week Dan and Dara talk about server-side GTM. It's recently come out of beta, so there's lots of attention on it at the moment, so they discuss what it is, why it's important and where it's going.

#12 Why impartiality is important in marketing analytics (with Mark Rochefort)

This week Dan and Dara have their first guest Mark Rochefort, Technology and Operations Director at Measurelab. They discuss why being impartial is vital in marketing analytics and the skills becoming more important to spot unconscious and conscious biases when working with data.

#11 Is this the end of real data in analytics?

This week Dan and Dara discuss how the access to 'real' data in Google Analytics (UA and GA4) is becoming more limited due to technology and legislation changes. They think about what this means to people using analytics platforms like GA that are used to having access to all their data, and how this may change we use data in these platforms in the future.

Measured Opinions #10: Better metrics for web measurement

This week Dan and Dara dig deep into the ABCs of Google Analytics metrics. Defining what they actually mean (not what you may think they mean) and discuss their relevance and/or place in to modern technological age.