GA4 BigQuery export schema

The GA4 schema is completely different to GA360. Here's a simple, interactive tool to help you explore how Google Analytics 4 (GA4) data is stored in BigQuery.

I’ve always found the GA360 interactive schema from E-Nor (now Merkle – Cardinal Path) by Justin Marciszewski to be a handy way to find out where different elements can be found in the BigQuery schema.

GA4 has a new schema, different to that of the Universal Analytics schema you may have become familiar with using GA360. I hope this proves to be a useful visual reference for new and old GA4/BigQuery users alike!

You can explore the GA4 BigQuery export schema by clicking on the tree map below. Or you can open it full-screen in a new tab (and maybe bookmark the page for future reference).

If you’re wondering if or why you should be exporting your GA4 data to BigQuery in the first place, Lace gives 10 very good reasons in her blog.

I’ve also written up a full guide on how to build this yourself using R should you want to have a go and to use your own GA4 event schema to generate the tree map.

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