Google Tag Manager Training

Our Google Tag Manager Kickstarter course is designed for marketing and data teams seeking to use data to understand and improve their website tracking setup and best practices.

We start by explaining the basic concepts, before guiding you through all the essential features of Google Tag Manager without being overwhelmed by code.

Level-up your team

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What to expect

Our team training courses are relaxed and informal, covering a lot of ground in a fun and stimulating way. The content is delivered remotely over two, 3-hour sessions to help you maintain focus and avoid information overload.

You don’t need a Google Tag Manager account, but you may benefit from being able to look at your website on a second screen. We set aside plenty of time for questions about your instance and use cases.

First session

Google Tag Manager Fundamentals

Topics covered:

Account structure and setup

Common terminology

The user interface

You will learn:

What Google Tag Manager is and why we should be using it

What Tags, Triggers and Variables are

Creating and managing container versions

Suitable for:

Anyone who is somewhat familiar with websites who wants to understand the basics of how Google Tag Manager works.


Basic Google Analytics Tagging in Google Tag Manager

Topics covered:

Google Analytics tag types

Tracking pageviews and custom events

Ecommerce in Google Analytics

You will learn:

Configuring a Google Analytics Settings Variable

Tracking Universal Analytics Pageviews and basic common Events

Tracking basic common Google Analytics 4 Events

Suitable for:

Anyone who is somewhat familiar with Google Analytics who wants to understand the basics of how it is implemented to be able to do it themselves.


Second session

Advanced Tagging in Google Tag Manager

Topics covered:

Tag Templates

Custom HTML tags

Custom Triggers and Variables

You will learn:

Understanding the Data Layer and how to pull variables from the website’s page

Implementing Custom HTML tags and considerations

Using the Tag Templates and additional options

Suitable for:

Anyone who is familiar with digital marketing and analytics who wants to understand how to implement their tools and tracking most effectively.


Tag QA and Deployment in Google Tag Manager

Topics covered:

Best practices

Useful tools to use

Pushing tags live

You will learn:

Best practices on managing and deploying you Google Tag Manager containers

How to best validate and QA each tag on your website with various Chrome extensions

How to debug and fix common issues and problems when

Suitable for:

Anyone who is familiar with Google Tag Manager and websites who wants to understand how to release tracking and marketing tools in the best way possible without any bugs or issues.


Meet your trainer and more

Daniel Perry-Reed


Daniel knows Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager inside-out. With a background in attribution modelling and digital marketing analytics, he spends his days using the Google stack to ensure our clients are extracting maximum value from their investments in digital data and advanced analytics.

Remote delivery


All our courses are delivered remotely via Zoom or your preferred video conferencing platform – at a time and date that works for you.

You may prefer to join as a group from your offices or have everyone connect from home. We’re easy!

Frequently asked questions

Who is the course aimed at?
If you’re a seasoned Google Analytics pro looking to expand your skills to include data collection, or a developer looking to learn how to implement tags through GTM, our GTM training courses will help you to gain the confidence needed to use Google Tag Manager to its full potential.
What are the course timings?
Our courses are split into two 3-hour long sessions, each covering two modules of content. They can be scheduled in at any time of the day – so whatever works for you! We ideally leave a day or week between the sessions so that the content can be fully digested and put to use, and any questions can be brought into subsequent sessions.
Do I need to bring anything?
You will need a laptop with Google Chrome installed, so you can take part in the interactive workshops that form the backbone of the training!
What do I do if I’m running late or cannot join a session?
If you are just running late or can’t join for some reason don’t worry! All training sessions are recorded and shared after the course has been completed.
What happens if I need to cancel?
If you want to cancel or postpone the course, please check our cancellation policy below. Or you can also drop us a line at ** Cancellation policy: ** Refunds and transfers can be requested up to 7 days before the event.
Can we customise the course to suit our specific needs?
Yes, we do all we can to ensure the content is tailored to the current level of understanding of the team. If there are specific areas you want to cover we can change up the sessions to skim over some areas and go deep on others, or even mix and match modules from different courses.
Can team members choose which sessions they join?
If someone already knows the basics, it may make sense for them to skip the fundamentals and join the later modules. Similarly, someone who’s not going to be hands-on in the tool may want to understand the concepts but not the practicalities of day-to-day use.

What people say

…the content of the GTM training session was spot on and I can genuinely say that I came away with enough knowledge to make a difference to my day job.
The venue and facilities were excellent. The trainer was clear and approachable.
One of the best and most useful training courses I have been on.
I genuinely enjoyed myself on the course…
The venue and facilities were excellent. The trainer was clear and approachable.

Pricing and payment

Training courses cost £1,600 +VAT for two 3-hour sessions run over the course of a week.

There’s no official limit on the number of attendees but we’ve found any more than 10 people in a session becomes impractical.

Once dates are confirmed, we invoice for the total cost with payment due on receipt.

Call us now on +44(0)20 3920 0387 or email us to book your sessions.