Data visulisation in Looker Studio

Get you team building fully-automated interactive Looker Studio dashboards for better data insights.

From £2,550 +VAT per team

  • Live, expert-led tailored training
  • 6-hour in-person or virtual course
  • FREE month of post-training support
  • Free dashboard templates

At a glance

What you’ll learn

How to use Google Looker Studio to build beautiful automated dashboards that collate and present data from a variety of data sources.

Suitable for

Marketing and data teams who want to learn how to set up automated and engaging dashboards.

Course structure

6 hours in total, spread across four 90-minute live sessions over four weeks. Delivered to your team live by analytics experts. Includes homework exercises to complete between each live session which to build a fully automated dashboard.

From £2,550 for any team size.

Included with every course

Real experts

Ask us anything about your specific challenges, we can handle it. We do this for a living!

Lifetime access

Learning takes time. That’s why we give lifetime access the training content and resources.

1 month of support

Access support from our analytics experts to answer questions, bounce ideas around or look for direction.


Who doen’t like a certificate! Looks good on your LinkedIn profile too.

Part 1 of 2 (beginner)

1.5 hours
(+1 homework exercise)
Module 1

Getting started in Looker Studio

A full orientation of Looker Studio looking at what it is, how it works, and how to connect and visualise your data in your dashboard.

Topics covered

  • Data sources – how to connect Looker Studio to all the data you need.
  • The canvas – understand how everything works, and where it lives.
  • Charts and graphs – exploring the key chart types and using them in your report.

Stay up to date

The homework exercise is to create a basic Looker Studio dashboard including at least two different chart types, using whatever data you like.

It should take ~2 hours to complete.
1.5 hours
(+1 homework exercise)
Module 2

Interactive dashboards in Looker Studio

Now that you have set up a basic dashboard, we explore how to add interactivity to it in the form of dynamic date ranges, chart interactions and data filters.

Topics covered

  • Date ranges – how to let the user set and change the date range.
  • Filters – looking at how to filter you data on the fly.
  • Chart interactivity – how charts can also act as filters and have optional data avalible.

Stay up to date

The homework exercise is to update your Looker Studio dashboard to include dynamic elements sauch as date ranges and filters, and to add at least one interactable chart.

It should take ~2 hours to complete.

Part 2 of 2 (intermediate)

1.5 hours
(+1 homework exercise)
Module 1

Data contols and customisation in Looker Studio

Dig into the data you are visualising and learn how to join it with other data sources, add new custom dimensions and metrics, and even have the user input their own data.

Topics covered

  • Calculated metrics – build your own custom metrics to report on your KPIs.
  • Custom dimensions – define and build new dimensions to report view your data by.
  • Data blending – learn how to join multiple data sources togeher to plot in the same chart.

Stay up to date

The homework exercise is to update your Looker Studio dashboard to include at least one (of each) calculated metric, custom dimension and blended data source in a visualisation of your choice.

It should take ~2 hours to complete.
1.5 hours
Module 2

Techniques for better adoption

Covering features, tips and tricks that help get your dashboards seen and used by your stakeholders. Including how to design beautiful and engaging reports, and measuring how much they are getting used.

Topics covered

  • Designing dashboards – adapt the look and feel to fit your brand for better engagement.
  • Stakeholder orientation – learn how to roll out your dashboards with maximum efficiency.
  • Process, tips and tricks – insights from years of hands-on Looker Studio experience that will help you build best in class dashboards.

Stay up to date

There is no homework exercise at the end of the course, but we are there to support you and help answer any questions for the next 4 weeks as part of our free post-training support!

Optional add-ons

In-house, in-person training

Zoom fatigue? We’re happy to come to you if you prefer to all get everyone in the same room and be trained in person.
£450 plus expenses

Masterclass workshop

Choose from any of our tried and tested workshops, or arrange a bespoke one to fit your team’s needs. A chance to delve deeper, ask questions, show us examples, and check how you’ve applied your learning.
from £500 per workshop

Additional training modules

If there’s something extra you’d like to cover during training, you can add additional training modules to any course. Contact us to discuss the options.
£600 per module

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make the training relevant to our business?
We use your data sources if possible, and the dashboard we build is yours to keep forever. We also do all we can to ensure the content is tailored to the current level of understanding of the team. If there are specific areas you want to cover we can change up the sessions to skim over some areas and go deep on others, or even mix and match modules from different courses.
Does it matter if my team is in different locations?
Not at all, all of our training is hosted on Zoom and is accessible with any stable internet connection. We also arrange the training session times with your team so that everyone can join regardless of time zone.
Can team members choose which sessions they join?
Yes of course. However, we strongly suggest attending any preceeding modules as there is content in there that we build apon throughout the rest of the course. If people want to drop off at certain points, they are welcome to, we just recommend not joining part of the way through.
Do I need a Google Looker Studio account?
It saves a little bit of time if you sign up to Looker Studio in advance (it’s free), but you don’t need to have used it before or have it linked to any live data sources. There are plenty of example data sources for the exercises to you, and you are also welcome to use your own data if you wish to do so.
What do I do if I’m running late or cannot join a session?
If you are just running late or can’t join for some reason don’t worry! All training sessions are recorded and shared after the course has been completed.

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