Google Analytics Training

Learn how to use Google Analytics to help improve your performance online.


Our Google Analytics Training workshops are held regularly in Central London – for small groups of attendees (up to 10 people). The cost is  £475 +VAT per person.


They are relaxed and informal – covering a lot of ground in a fun and stimulating way. 


We can also provide custom training and workshops at your offices or at an agreed location from £1,200 +VAT per day.

£475 +VAT

Per Person

All major credit cards accepted online.

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Standard course


Our standard training course is aimed at people who are either new to Google Analytics or who have limited experience with it.

In this course we will cover a larger range of topics than the advanced course, but in less detail. You will come away with a solid understanding of the capabilities and limitations of using Google Analytics as well as knowing how to use the main reports and other features.

Principles, Configuration and Campaign Tagging
  • Principles
    • Tracking code and data collection
    • Classic and Universal
    • Dimensions and Metrics
    • Limitations of GA
  • Configuration
    • Admin overview: Account, Property & View settings
  • Campaign Tagging
Real-time and Audience Reports
  • Common report features & controls
  • Real-time Reporting
  • Audience Reports
    • Demographics
    • Mobile
    • Benchmarking
Acquisition, Behaviour and Conversion Reports
  • Acquisition
    • Traffic Sources
    • AdWords/SEO/Social
  • Behaviour
    • Site Content / Pages
    • Site Search
    • Events
  • Conversions
    • Goals
    • Ecommerce
    • Intro to Multi-Channel Funnels & Attribution

Advanced course


Our advanced training course assumes a good level of knowledge/experience using Google Analytics.

This course focusses on fewer topics than the standard course but covers the more advanced areas of Google Analytics in more detail.

This is aimed at taking intermediate users to the next level, pushing Google Analytics to its full potential.


Practical Health Check Process
  • Admin Configuration Review
    • Account / Property / View Settings
    • Filters
    • Goals
  • Reporting Data Review
    • Hostnames
    • Browser/Device Issues
    • AdWords linking issues & Clicks/Sessions discrepancies
    • Campaign tagging issues
    • Unexpected referrals
    • Bot traffic
  • Ecommerce data discrepancies
Funnels, Flows & Attribution
  • Goal Funnels: Funnel Visualisation versus Goal Flow
  • Multi-Channel Funnels
    • Overview and caveats
    • Assists, true assists and contribution
    • Time Lag & Path Length
  • Attribution Modelling
    • Model Comparison Tool
Automated Reporting using GA API & Google Sheets
  • Practical demo
Google Marketing Platform Certfied Partner Company

We are proud to be a Google Marketing Platform Certified Partner

Additionally we hold accreditations in Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Google Data Studio, reflecting our in-depth knowledge of measurement and improvement with the Google Marketing Platform.


Scheduled Google Analytics Training Course dates

We run our Google Analytics training courses as two days – Standard and Advanced – with the Advanced course being the day after the Standard, so you could always book one after the other. Our courses run from 10am to 4:00-4:30pm (with an hour break for lunch) – at dedicated facilities in Central London.


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More about our Google Analytics training courses

Our class sizes are kept deliberately small so as to encourage participation and interaction – as we feel you will get a lot more out of training if you are able to relate what you are learning to your own situation.

Bring a wi-fi enabled laptop (and a login to a Google Analytics account that you are using or are planning to use) so that you can take part in the hands-on demonstrations and exercises throughout the workshop.

Google Analytics training workshop with Dara Fitzgerald
Who is the course aimed at?

Whether you are a data analyst, a seasoned marketer or a business owner trying to get a better idea of how Google Analytics can help you to make more informed and data-driven decisions and improve your marketing strategy, our GA training courses will help you to gain the confidence needed to use Google Analytics to its full potential.

Which course should I attend?

If you are new to Google Analytics or have been using it for a while but would like to know how to make the most out of the different reports and features, our Standard Google Analytics training course is your best bet. If, on the other hand, you are confident with most of its features and would like to learn about the more advanced reports and analysis techniques, then we recommend you come to our Advanced Google Analytics training course.

The Advanced course is scheduled the day after the Standard course, so you can book both together and do them one after the other.

What are the course timings?

Our courses last for a day. We normally crack on at around 10:00am but we ask delegates to be there a bit earlier to ensure that everyone is ready by that time (breakfast is available beforehand, from 8am!). We normally finish at around 4:00-4:30pm but this depends on the group's pace of learning, number of attendees – never more than 10 – and so on. We want to ensure that no-one walks away thinking that it wasn't worth their time and money! 🙂

Do I need to bring anything with me?

So you can make the most of the course we normally ask delegates to bring their own laptop. This way you'll be able to navigate through the different reports and features as we go along.

Do I need a Google Analytics account?

You don't need a GA account to attend the course as we will provide you with examples and take you through the features and reports covered in the course content. However, if you have access to an account already, you'd be able to look your own data and get a better understanding on where the gaps might be.

What if I am late/cannot make it?

If you are just running late due to traffic, train delays, etc. Don't panic! Just give us a ring and we will let the trainer know.  If you want to cancel or postpone the course, please check our cancellation policy below. Or you can also drop us a line at

Cancellation policy  

Refunds and transfers can be requested up to 7 days before the event.

Some of the companies that have attended our training workshops: 

About the venue

Located on Dryden Street, right in the middle of Covent Garden – only a 5 minute stroll from both Covent Garden and Holborn tube stations – and very convenient for Soho and the West End.

The building used to be a chandelier showroom – explaining the great light. There's a roof-top kitchen for breakfast and lunches – as well as facilities for tea, infusions, freshly brewed Fair-trade coffee, juices, soft drinks, retro-sweets, cookies, fruit and nuts-all day long.

Amazing food (all very healthy with great vegetarian options) and drink is provided at the convivial canteen area. There’s not a sweaty sandwich in sight.

Breakfast, lunch and tea/coffee with biscuits at break times (as well as tasty sweets and snacks available throughout) are all included as part of your course fees.


The training was excellent and very beneficial to the team.
Hilton Worldwide

The venue and facilities were excellent. The trainer was clear and approachable.
Self Employed

Very helpful. The training has opened my eyes to GA features that I have previously ignored or briefly looked at & found too confusing / in-depth. Lots of takeaways & definitely feel positive about assigning some time to looking at these in more detail over the next few days.

Really enjoyed the two days- thanks!

Excellent training. Hands on and practical. Sitting in a room actually going through the reports and doing real examples in the GA account made it so much easier to understand. One of the best and most useful training courses I have been on.
Smyths Toys

This was incredibly useful, thank you. I found the sections on API particularly useful, and I think it was good to have this in the afternoon, building on the work of the morning. Pitched at the right level, and all questions were answered really well. Thank you!


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